Deepak Chopra, M.D.:  There were a lot of huge hype for AAA games at E3 2011, buit sometimes, in all the excitement, some of the smaller, more esoteric games are overlooked. This year at E3, THQ announced the most esoteric game I’ve ever heard of.  It’s called The Deepak Chopra Project, and is a Kinect enabled 360 game that aims to give gamers a “meditative Interactive journey for your console.” Here, look at the trailer:

According to Indian Doctor/swami Chopra, the game will make you “Better acquainted with useful tools and mediations to help you find the mental, emotional and spiritual balance within you.” Sounds good to me… in fact, I hope there are leaderboards, so I can get to the top! I’ll be the most serene MFer you have ever seen. I’ll be so much more connected to my mind and body than the rest of you nubs. I’ll be all, “Ha ha! Your MOM hasn’t even stepped on the Eightfold Path! In your face!”

In all seriousness, though, I’m actually looking forward to this game, but I don’t know why. How about you? Anyone else out there want to see what this could possibly be? Anyway, it’s coming this fall.