Recovering addicts who can not afford treatment services are now being given the opportunity to receive the help that they need. Enhanced Healing has recently implemented a new fund raising campaign that will help raise money for addicts who would otherwise not receive the services necessary for their recovery. Working with the Holistic Counseling Services, Inc., Enhanced Healing is raising money to help addicts receive the services they need to change their life and stop using drugs and alcohol.

Drug addiction is a major problem in our society today and one that is steadily on the rise each year. While there are many treatment programs throughout the United States, there is clearly not enough funding to meet the needs of many if not most addicts. As a result of not enough funding, many addicts go untreated, unable to afford the services that could help them to turn their life around. Without proper treatment addicts continue to be dependent on drugs and alcohol. The direct and collateral cost of an addict’s behavior on society is in the millions of dollars and growing each year.

Enhanced Healing has recently launched a new and innovative program to help raise funds for agencies that are devoted to being of service to our community. Believing strongly in the importance of being of service to our local and global community, Enhanced Healing is now extending an invitation to any Non-Profit organization or individuals interested in partnering with us in the Relaxation Music for Charity program, so that together support can be created for each others endeavors in our local communities and the world at large.

Holistic Counseling Services Inc. (HCSI), a non-profit 501(c)(3) was created to provide support and funding for anyone in need of treatment for addiction that cannot afford it. Furthermore, Holistic Counseling Services Inc. philanthropic focus is to provide direct and indirect support to contracted scientists worldwide, to improve recovery rates regardless of age, gender or severity of addiction. Holistic Counseling Services initiates and develops opportunities that encourage interaction between HCSI and its fellow donors to help them maintain meaningful and rewarding connections to the HCSI organization.

To help support the Holistic Counseling Services‘ work with addicts who can not afford treatment services, Enhanced Healing has created a special fund raising campaign. With this special fund raising effort, 20% of the revenue received from the sale of Enhanced Healing’s relaxation music, meditation music, sleep music, positive affirmation and hypnotherapy recordings from its website will be donated to the Holistic Counseling Services so that they can help addicts fund the treatment that they so desperately need to change their life. The money raised by Enhanced Healing will be used solely for addicts who have no other financial resource for obtaining treatment.

The mission of Enhanced Healing is to promote mental, emotional and physical health and well being, to assist individuals in living the life that they want and living it powerfully. To achieve its mission Enhanced Healing provides high quality MP3 download recordings of relaxation music, meditation music and sleep music that will help a person to experience a very deep state of relaxation as well as a peaceful, sound sleep. Enhanced Healing also provides high quality MP3 downloads of positive affirmation and hypnotherapy recordings that will assist a person in thinking in a more positive, healthy manner about themselves, others and life in general. All of the relaxation music, positive affirmation and hypnosis recordings have been created and produced by Dr. Harry Henshaw.

Dr. Harry Henshaw is the Director of Enhanced Healing. Dr. Henshaw earned his doctoral degree in Human Development and Counseling from Boston University. Dr. Henshaw has been a Licensed Mental Health Counselor in the State of Florida, a certified Clinical Supervisor and a member of the American Counseling Association & American Psychological Association for the past twenty five years. Trained in Neuro Linguistic Programming and Hypnosis, Dr. Henshaw is also certified to practice and teach hypnotherapy in the State of Florida. In addition to his mental health and substance dependency education and experience, Dr. Henshaw is also a musician with 11 years of piano training.

To learn how to participate in Enhanced Healing’s fund raising campaign to help addicts change their life please click here Relaxation Music for Charity.

For more information about our relaxation music, meditation music and sleep music and our special program to raise funds for Non-Profit organizations please visit Enhanced Healing or contact Dr. Harry Henshaw at 305-498-3442

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