Deepak Chopra, M.D.:  Oprah Winfrey:  When you’re feeling troubled or lost, or simply confused about life, inner harmony is held out as a goal–a beautiful but perhaps mythical goal. Super Soul Sunday: How To Find Your Inner Harmony; wellnessHow can troubled thoughts and unhappy feelings be turned into inner peace? They can’t.

The secret of inner harmony is that it already exists. You don’t have to work for it. There is no great struggle of the soul lying in your future. Instead, inner peace is uncovered, like blowing dust off a mirror or letting the clouds pass away from the sun.

This must be true because “the light” is consciousness itself, which is clear and blissful by its own nature. So whatever blocks the light must be temporary and outside of who we really are. The path to inner harmony is natural and simple, in that it consists of asking “Who am I?” and not giving up until you find an answer that puts you at peace, happy with who you are, and happy with the reflection that the outer world gives you.

I have met many troubled people who want inner harmony. They come with heartbreaking stories of abuse, setbacks, frustration, and disappointment. There are a million ways to be in a state that has no harmony.

But the very fact that each of us wants to go toward happiness and away from suffering is a key ingredient. Have a vision of harmony, and if you are sincere and willing, your life will start to mirror that vision. Have an image of the opposite – an unfair existence overwhelmed with obstacles – and your life will mirror that vision.

This isn’t meant as a cruel observation. I am only saying that consciousness is powerful and in the end inescapable. You can’t escape yourself. The good news is that the true self waiting for you knows only inner harmony. Ask “Who am I?” and the true self will show you.

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Deepak Chopra and Oprah (!!!) are appearing this weekend on Super Soul Sunday ( April 29, at 11/10c), shedding some new light on the struggles that we all go through–balancing that job with this social commitment with our all-important family and our all-too-often neglected inner lives.