Today’s popular green tech stories include how to sell hybrid vehicles, a surprise side effect of wind turbines, and a solar-powered dairy. Check it out.

Toyota Prius Plug In Hybrid

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1. “Iceland Firm to Study Green Energy Cable” – UPI – Iceland’s state-owned renewable power company is looking into whether or not it’s possible to lay an underwater cable to Europe, which would allow Iceland to sell renewable energy, in Iceland’s case geothermal, to the continent, where renewable energy is in demand. The study, which examines the environmental, technical and financial aspects of such a project, will take a few years.

2. “Castleford Dairy’s Solar Panels a Step in the Green Movement” – – Dan De Kruyf, owner of Kowz R Us Dairy in Idaho recently installed 30 solar panels, allowing the dairy to cut back on its propane use by 134 gallons and reduce its carbon emissions by 30 tons. The panels were paid for by way of grants from the US Department of Agriculture, the US Treasury and Idaho Power, and now other dairies seem to be looking to follow suit.

3. “Don’t Believe the Headlines. Wind Farms Do Not Cause Global Warming.” – Christian Science Monitor – A recent study published in Nature Climate Change suggests that large wind farms could be pulling down hot air at night, raising the average temperature of the local region. The results of the study, however, have been widely misconstrued in the news media.

4. “How One Chevrolet Dealer is Selling 25 Volts a Month” – Forbes – Even with Chevy Volt sales falling short of original projections, the Serra Chevrolet Dealership in Southfield, Mich., is selling 25 a month, thanks to a dedicated approach to showcasing the car and providing potential buyers with comprehensive information of its fuel economy and charger installation, allowing them to reach customers who maybe wouldn’t otherwise buy a plug-in. Two of the more interesting approaches to selling the Volt are attracting green-minded folk with onsite wind turbines, and appealing to parents by saying teens driving Volts won’t pester them for gas money.

5. “Toyota Wants High-Volume US Prius Output by ’15” – Automotive News – With a 200,000-unit-per-year sales forecast, Toyota is looking to begin building the next-generation Prius in North America. The company is looking for suppliers of hybrid components, which has proven slightly difficult, and at the outset of North American production these components might have to be imported. North American production will offset foreign exchange losses from importing hybrid vehicles from Japan.