by Kailen Rosenberg:  When it comes to chilling out or finding your center here are some easy tips that can help!

8 Tips To Find Your Center

  • Wherever you are, whether sitting in your office, in the peaceful outdoors, or standing in the middle of Grand Central Station, stop in your tracks for a moment, close your eyes, feel the vibration of the world around you, get centered in yourself and smile within, knowing that you are loved: by you, your family, your amazing friends, etc.


  • Take a moment for prayer, a meditation of gratitude. We all have so much to be grateful for that we, at times, take for granted –especially when stressed. Take the time each day for just 60 seconds, and thank God or a higher power (it can even be you) for the many gifts in your life. You’d be surprised at how many things you actually have to be grateful for!


  • Take in a deep, full breath, feel your feet on the ground, hold your hands gently together and listen to what your inner voice is and has been trying to tell you for a long time now. Honor this for the first time and make the changes necessary to clear what isn’t of ‘love’ in your life, so that you can allow full love in.


  • Call a great friend who has happy, healthy, constructive energy (you better have friends like this!) and invite them out for some good friend-life-no stress time over a glass of great wine (or a wonderful martini). Share a really yummy, gooey treat or a go for a jog in the park. Whatever you do together, the bottom line: just be, relax, and enjoy.


  • Take a moment to write down on a piece of paper, a napkin, or in a special journal all of the things in life that currently make you happy and thank yourself for loving yourself enough to let that into your life! We often tend to do just the opposite.


  • Of course don’t forget the great, perfectly warm — almost hot — great smelling bubble bath with your favorite music playing in the background. Close your eyes, take in all of the senses, and either quietly relish in the experience that ‘is’, or sing out loud and be proud!


  • Go for a good jog or a wonderful walk in nature or a place that stimulates relaxation in your mind. Go music free and take the time to get connected with yourself, the sounds of the world around you, and most importantly, the voice that loves you from within.


  • Treat your senses to some amazing art! Go to an art museum or a few great galleries and just take in the magnificence that someone has created and see what you experience; it will always find a way to touch your soul and get you grounded.


What are the things I do, as a crazy, busy mom, wife, entrepreneur, and ‘Love Architect’ to keep myself centered and connected to joy? First, I pray! I thank God for his many blessings!

I then ask God and the universe to protect and heal those who are in need and hurting, and I ask that he bring healing, happiness, and joy!

After that, any and ALL of the above, plus a good Venti Java Chip — light, with one pump mint and a huge dollop of whipped cream!

With love,
Kailen Rosenberg

Written by Kailen Rosenberg



Written by Kailen Rosenberg