by Dolores Cannon: An unprecedented evolutionary shift is taking place on the Earth at this time.  According to the Mayan Prophecies, 2012 marks the end of the Age of Separation of Earth from the Universe and the dawning of a New Era of Universal Consciousness, of unity and oneness. Dolores Cannon It appears that we have arrived at the point of the long–awaited transition to a New Earth about which so many visionaries, spiritual teachers, healers and psychics have been speaking. 

In this excerpt from her latest book, Dolores Cannon  explains how the Earth and Humanity is making the shift to a higher dimension.

Using her method of somnambulistic hypnotic induction to contact the subconscious, Dolores records and catalogues her clients’ experiences of different lifetimes and different forms of existence. Taken together these records reveal a remarkable, hidden story about the evolution of the Earth. In order to get the story through to her in its entirety it had to be given piece by piece to her through many people. What she has discovered is a plan to save mankind which is bigger in scope than anyone can imagine.

Three Waves of Volunteers

Volunteers have chosen to incarnate on Earth who have come from a place that has never known violence, hatred and fear. They have come in three waves and their purpose is two-fold. One: to change the energy of the Earth so it can avoid catastrophe. And two: to help raise the energy of the people so they can ascend with the Earth into the next dimension.  Estimating the approximate ages of the three waves came about while having sessions with many hundreds of people.  They all said the same things about their present lives, and they all went back to the same situations during the session.  So I began to roughly categorize them according to their present age.

The first wave of these souls, in their late 40s to early 60s (after the dropping of the bomb at the end of the 1940s) now, have had the most difficult time adjusting.  They don’t like the violence and ugliness they find in this world and want to return “home” – even though they have no idea, consciously, where that might be.  Emotions disturb and even paralyze them especially strong ones like anger and hate.    These emotions dramatically affect them, as though emotions are foreign to them.  They are used to peace and love because that was what they experience where they came from.  Even though these people seem to have a good life, loving family and a good job, many of them try to commit suicide.  There seems to be no logical reason, yet they are so unhappy they don’t want to be here.

The second wave are now in their late 20s and 30s. They are moving through life much more easily.  They are generally focused on helping others, creating no karma, and normally going unnoticed.  They have been described as antennas, beacons, generators, channels of energy.  They have come in with a unique energy that greatly affects others.  They don’t have to do anything. They just have to be.  I have been told that just by walking through a crowded mall or grocery store their energy affects everyone they come in contact with.  It is that strong, and of course, they do not realize this consciously.  The paradox is that although hey are supposed to be affecting people by their energy, they really don’t feel comfortable being around people.  So many of them stay home secluded, to avoid mixing with others; even working from their homes.  Thus they are defeating their purpose.  Many of the first and second wave do not want to have children.  They unconsciously realize that children create karma, and they don’t want to have anything tie them here. They just want to do their job and get out of here.   Many of the do not marry, unless they are lucky enough to find another of their own kind.

The third wave are the new children, many of whom are now in their teens.  They have come in with all the knowledge needed, on an unconscious level.  The DNA of everyone on Earth is being altered at the present time and changed in order to adjust to the new vibrations and frequencies.  But the DNA of the new children has already been altered and they are prepared to proceed with little or no problems.  Of course, many of these children are misunderstood by the schools and are sadly being medicated.  A recent medical report has now announced that 100 million children have been misdiagnosed with ADHD, and put on Ritalin and other drugs.  There is nothing wrong with these children.  They are just more advanced and operating on a different frequency.  Because they are so intelligent they become easily bored at school.  I have been told that they need challenges to keep them interested.  This group has been called the “hope of the world.”  Some of these children are only nine or ten years old and have already graduated from college.  They are forming organizations, and amazing, these are organizations to help the children of the world!

The Earth itself is changing its vibration and frequency, and it is preparing to raise itself into a new dimension.  There are countless dimensions surrounding us all the time.  We cannot see them because as the vibration speeds up, they are invisible to our eyes, but they still exist, nonetheless.  In my book The Custodians, I explained how the extraterrestrials utilize this and travel by raising and lowering the vibrations of their craft.  Sometimes, we also go to other dimensions and return and are not aware of this.  This was written about in The Legend of Starcrash.  So, I have touched on the subject over the years, but I did not understand the full meaning of it until I began receiving more and more information about it.  “They” want us to know more because it is coming soon.  And it will be a momentous event.  Of course, even in the Bible, it was described as coming “soon.”  But now we can see and feel the effects all around us as the world prepares to shift into a new dimension.