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“Change begins when you do.”

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Dr. Georgina Cannon

An award-winning author, change catalyst, corporate speaker, international facilitator, and practicing consulting hypnotist who brilliantly and skillfully uncovers the powers of the subconscious mind-body connection working through relationship and life issues with clients both personally and for business.

With an eclectic background in journalism, the corporate world and counselling, Georgina is a powerful catalyst for change – in a person, a couple, or a corporation/organization. Writing, teaching, lecturing and appearing in the media, she attracts audiences both young and old, including the 78 million baby boomers in North America looking forward to the second half of their lives and seeking insight and inspiration on life’s deepest questions.

Georgina is an award-winning, board-certified, master consulting hypnotist and in 1997 founded the Ontario Hypnosis Centre, which within a few years became Canada’s leading hypnosis training facility and clinic  She has since sold the OHC to focus on her writing, lecturing and client work.. An accredited life coach, she is recognized as the public face of hypnosis and the mind-body connection in Canada and is a respected member of the complimentary health community. Georgina is a regular guest on national and international television and radio programs and her work has gained her prominence as a source for news and feature articles on hypnosis, counselling and complimentary therapies.

Her work and extraordinary commitment has been recognized internationally. In 2004, Shirley MacLaine read Georgina’s first book, RETURN – Past Life Regression and You, and contacted Georgina for a radio interview. Afterward, she invited Georgina to host her chatroom a few times a year, on the website  to talk about hypnosis, relationship issues, past life, and the interlife.

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  1. "The vibes we send out through our actions don’t just float into space and dissolve. They actually affect things. The energy of our actions is as real as a sound wave; we just don’t currently have any real way to detect or “hear” it."
  2. "Soul-mate relationships are common and plentiful. You could come across ten or twenty (or more) soul mates in your lifetime!"
  3. "First, you need to know EXACTLY what it is you want to change. And by when."
  4. "If we look at the arc of change… we are moving from guilt (generally speaking) into fear or uncertainty."
  5. "Your daily behavior broadcasts your deepest values.  Your name is engraved on everything you say or do."
  6. "Looking at from where you are now, to where you expect to be in the future. That vision, or decision about you in your future has to be exact... what it looks like, what it feels like and what it sounds like to be there. At the same time, the environment in which that change completion takes place. Indoors or out? Daytime or night-time? Summer, winter or fall?"
  7. "Behavior makes us who we are."
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