by Eckhart Tolle TV: Bestselling author and internationally recognized speaker and activist Marianne Williamson continues to influence generations of spiritual seekers with her uniquely insightful teachings on the modern classic A Course in Miracles, Marianne Williamson Restoring The American Dreamand her passionate vision of establishing a United States Department of Peace. Her many books and audio-learning programs have shown millions of people how to begin to access the spiritual power behind true transformation. Her central message: choose love instead of fear.

One of Marianne’s most important teachings has to do with the transcendence of illusory thinking and the awakening of higher consciousness. In a recent blog post, she wrote:

“If I’ve learned anything—and these days I feel more aware of what I have not yet learned than of what I have—it’s that my life in any given moment is exactly what I make it. If I have a positive attitude, then there is positivity in my life; if I have a negative attitude, there is negativity in my life. If I take care of my body through proper diet and exercise, I’m more likely to be happy than if I do not. If I meditate and keep my spiritual practice constantly in mind, I’m more likely to be happy than if I do not. If I forgive, I’m more likely to be happy than if I do not. I realize not only intellectually but viscerally that the purpose of our lives is to learn to be happy, and I understand my own responsibility to do and think and say the things that make happiness more probable.

Sometimes I look at the world around me and despair, as I suppose most everyone does, at the current spate of humanity’s trials and tribulations. But I see enchantment and miracles and and love all around me too, and I know that they are God’s consistent response to the mess humanity can make of things. How tragic the suffering a wrong-minded view of the world creates, and how merciful that the universe keeps throwing us new opportunities to do things differently. I know that beyond this world is a realm of greater possibility, and the veil that separates us from there is so much thinner than we think.

Every time we see beyond the veil, we become veil-lifters for others as well. Our criticism, blame, judgment and such only thicken the veil, while forgiveness and mercy and compassion dissolve it. It really is so simple, yet sometimes so difficult. And yet it is the choice we make, every moment of every day.”

“Veil-lifter” is a phrase that can be aptly used to describe Marianne Williamson’s friend and colleague, the bestselling author and spiritual teacher Eckhart Tolle. Recently, these two luminaries spoke together in the online video seminar series Eckhart Tolle TV. In this one-hour dialogue, the two spoke of their own experiences of spiritual awakening as well as the potential for this realization to take hold from individual to individual and ultimately on a global level.

“We are all given our own assignment,” explains Marianne. “We all have a particular part to play. When we are in that state of pure consciousness (what Eckhart refers to as “presence”) we receive nothing short of instruction, whether it’s conceived of that way or not. When we are in that place of depth inquiry, in depth knowing, in depth experience, we’re beyond all of that and yet we are sent to work. A Course in Miracles says that every day we are to ask the Divine, ‘Where would you have me go? What would you have me do? What would you have me to say and to whom?’” This is the first step in aligning our individual will with that of a higher source of wisdom.