1. “In a quantum universe, magic is not the exception but the rule.”
  2. “The shift that initiates you into the translucent life is an awakening that is beyond thinking and feeling, and changing experiences.”
  3. “Whenever we release our need to be right about everything as parents, we are able to meet our children in a relationship of mutuality and respect.”
  4. “Most of the time, most of us are glued to thoughts and feelings, belief, desires, fears. And all we know is the content of what’s in the mind at that time.”
  5. “When we wake up to the one who is experiencing this moment, people describe that as absolutely peaceful. Not just loving, but love itself.”
  6. “They see that who they are is the silence in which sound is happening, the spaciousness in which movement occurs. This kind of recognition, whether fleeting or abiding, is called an awakening.”
  7. “The balance we seek is not only between men and women but between the masculine and feminine energy, which are to be found everywhere in life.”
  8. “Once we meet our children, even for moments, in a place of “I don’t know,” of relinquished authority, we return to the realms of mystery and magic, where real connection becomes alive again.”
  9. “What was considered a peak mystical experience a few years ago is today the basic platform of sanity from which our exploration begins.”
  10. “We are, all of us, recognizing that there is a feminine way of doing things just as valid as the masculine.”
  11. “Living translucently simply means that your life is handed over more and more from the habits of acquisition, desire, consumption, fear, separation, to this luminous consciousness, which is full, complete, free, and unafraid.”
  12. “Life itself is an endless river of enlightening, where every moment there is the possibility to live with more love, creativity, humor, art, and generosity of spirit.”
  13. “There isn’t a thing called the mind. It’s a collective way of speaking about thoughts.”
  14. “One of the things I think has precipitated this collective awakening is the fact that our physical life is becoming less secure.”
  15. “Human beings have always had awakenings, just not in such large numbers as we see today.”
  16. “Through a synergy of masculine and feminine strengths, we find the emergence of a whole that is far, far, far greater and the sum of it to individual parts.”
  17. “We realize that there is a feminine expression to spirituality, a feminine expression to ecology, a feminine expression to leadership, and each has a huge gift to offer.”
  18. “Man can discover, and then learn to worship, the feminine face of the divine.”
  19. “We use the word “worship” in a completely different way, one we found in our dictionary as: “to pay extravagant respect and admiration.” This kind of worship can easily be a two-way street.”
  20. “After enough preparation, which mainly involves discovering how to be still and step out of the way, the Blessing can come through the one giving it—and dramatically transform the consciousness and well-being of the recipient.”
  21. “May all beings be well. May all beings be happy. May all beings be free from suffering. May all beings be liberated through the unwavering knowlege of who they truly are.”
  22. “We have all been touched by grace at one time or another in our lives. Sometimes we recognize it, and sometimes we don’t.”
  23. “Once we recognize everything to be fine as it is, we can relax even more deeply. We can feel, within each moment, an evolutionary impulse to steer life in a more artful, loving, open way.”
  24. “Life is not a static event. It is a river of endless evolution.”
  25. “Human beings have only existed for about sixty thousand years, and only very, very recently have we awakened to the evolutionary context of our emergence. We are living in such an exciting time!”