by Ben Sanderson: The Ten Bridges of Transformation teaches you to go ahead and make that radical shift toward a powerful, purposeful, and peaceful life. Janet Attwood Interviews Marianne WilliamsonMarianne Williamson, a world-renowned spiritual teacher, tackles ten universal challenges that humans face on a daily basis. These challenges then serve as gulfs that separate humans from the things they need and want in life, things that would have helped them achieve their purpose. More often than not, the ten challenges reap their ugly head, and when they do, they produce a kind of paralysis over humans, rendering them useless and powerless to move on their own.

To counteract these negative and paralyzing effects, The Ten Bridges of Transformation offers solutions in the form of “bridges.” These bridges help you to see and realize that behind the door of these setbacks lies an incredible opportunity to grow and be enlightened, according to Marianne Williamson. With this mind-set, you will no longer shrink away from the challenges and adversities that may come your way. Instead, you will face them with your head held high because you know that you are given a chance to grow and become a better person.

The ten bridges are the compass you need as you travel along the path toward spiritual wholeness. What makes these ten bridges effective is the fact that you can apply their principles right away in your daily life. The Ten Bridges of Transformation does away with fancy words and complex sayings. What it delivers is a message that is straight to the point, telling you that you can reorient yourself from the negative to the positive. It may not sound easy, but it is definitely very possible.

Marianne Williamson is one of the most insightful and profound spiritual teachers in this modern era. Without a doubt, you are assured that the ten principles presented by Marianne really do work. Marianne herself injects an incredible amount of enthusiasm and energy in her many workshops, and you can feel this enthusiasm and energy yourself in the program. People trust Marianne because she is profound and is incredibly animated with her eye-opening teachings. But people trust Marianne mostly because everything she says is true, and they can see the illusion they have held for so long shatter before their very eyes.

The Ten Bridges of Transformation must be on the priority list for every individual who is a fan of Marianne Williamson. It is for every person who strives to make a stronger and smarter being out of himself from every challenge or setback he encounters along the way. It is for every human who yearns to disentangle himself from the deadly tentacles of negative emotions, experiences, and thoughts. It is for every person who wants to be enlightened in whatever circumstance he finds himself in, and to use that enlightenment to escape the suffocating hole of self-doubt he may have made for himself.

The Ten Bridges of Transformation is packed with live segments from Marianne’s famous workshops. If you never thought it was possible to transform hardships into opportunities for growth, then perhaps you might want to give this CD a spin and see-or hear-the message from Marianne Williamson herself. Prepare to be transformed. Prepare to have a better life!