1. “When any of us puts our intention out there, and we make a 100% commitment to that intention, and we make every step a step of impeccability, a step of integrity–then somehow the universe opens up a way where before there was no way.”
  2. “Every single one of us has everything it takes to begin today to live our lives at that level where they work all the time, in every area–all it takes is a conscious intention.”
  3. “If you desire something, and then deny that you desire it, that’s cowardice and spiritual laziness. And what’s more it’s a lie.”
  4. “Money is an energy system we are using right now, which one day I believe will one day disappear.”
  5. “God wants us to do more, to have more and to play big.”
  6. “My name is Edwene Gaines and what I want you to know about me is that I am a woman of power. And I’m a woman of passion and I care deeply about you and me and all of our brothers and sisters on earth and it is my full intention to make a difference on this planet.”
  7. “Money is like love: the more you give away, the more you have.”
  8. “In 1976, I made a commitment to the lord of my being the goddess within me that I would be 100% responsible for the transformation of the abundance consciousness of planet earth.”
  9. “I believe God is a part of everything we see and do, no matter how mundane. And what could be more mundane than money?”
  10. “Contrary to popular belief, God doesn’t love a martyr. I should know; I played one for many years.”
  11. “Every single piece of our money, down to the lowly penny, has a prayer on it: In God We Trust.”
  12. “It is my goal that every single person on this planet have faith that all he or she needs or wants in life will appear.”
  13. “Denying our material desires is not what God wants us to do. What we could choose to do instead is grow, develop our courage and faith, and stand up and say without guilt or hesitation, “This is what I want!”
  14. “I believe that sometimes you have to be willing to give up the good to receive the greater good.”
  15. “You have made spiritual progress when you can have your things or not, and be happy regardless.”
  16. “The danger of money comes when we forget what it’s there for. When it begins to cloud the parts of our lives that are much more important, such as the personal relationships we have with the people we love. or our personal relationship with God.”
  17. “True freedom requires that we be awake and aware and we must choose constantly every day to stay on the right track and avoid slipping back into old ways of thinking and behaving.”
  18. “I have made a commitment that I would be responsible for changing the way that all people think about the potential for prosperity and abundance in their lives.”
  19. “As a human being on this planet, your life is subject to a multitude of laws.  If you do not obey these laws, things are not going to go the way you want them to go and you may even find yourself in a whole lot of trouble.”
  20. “You must tithe 10 percent of all that you receive to the person, place or institution where you have received your spiritual food.”
  21. “You must set clear-cut, tangible goals.”
  22. “You must forgive everyone all of the time, especially yourself.”
  23. “You must seek, discover and follow your divine purpose.”
  24. “You must assign significance and meaning to your life, giving yourself strength and endurance and bringing joy to your existence on a daily basis.” 
  25. “Remember, prosperity is not just about money.”