1. “You have to bounce in life with joy. Your strength lies in your smiles and your songs.”
  2. “Your strength lies in your smiles and your songs.”
  3. “Compassion is for the very strong. Compassion does not come to the weak. People who are unkind, bullies, use rude language, are not strong people. They are very weak people.”
  4. “Any woman on this planet who values herself as a woman is great. She is a giver of life. And when you are a giver of life, what more is there?”
  5. “You don’t have to learn to be wise. If you just flow you can be successful. Mother Nature will carry you.”
  6. “Life is simple. Life is not complicated. Life is only one thing: Identify yourself.”
  7. “There are three things you cannot hide: smell of the garlic, fragrance of the flower and the wisdom of the teacher.”
  8. “Why is meditation essential? By meditating we take our garbage out.”
  9. “The best medicine that a person can have is the knowledge and experience that he can swim through every tide and change of the time. If you have the mental competency to deal with every situation that arises, then you are very happy, very healthy and a very well-balanced person.”
  10. “If you can rhythmically slow down your breath to four breaths a minute, you can indirectly control your mind and slow it down from its obnoxious behavior.”
  11. “The question is, “Are you spiritual or are you not?” The truth is you are. The reality is you don’t believe it.”
  12. “Friendship means only one thing: you don’t create fences around you, but try to remove fences from the life of another person.”
  13. “As long as you don’t compliment yourself, your environments and your job, you will always be miserable. Complaints bring misery, compliments brings strength.”
  14. “It takes the same energy to complain as it does to compliment. When there is a short circuit, there is a complaint, and when the energy is flowing, there is a compliment.”
  15. “The fundamental law of truth is that it penetrates through all darkness.”
  16. “A failure is only a step on the way to your success.”
  17. “Our limited mind is our enemy and our unlimited mind is our best friend. When you become a slave of the mind, it will limit you. When you use it, it will bring you the whole universe.”
  18. “As you train your mind, shockingly it brings you prosperity as well as the faculty to maintain it.”
  19. “If we take judging ourselves and others out of our life, we will mostly be living in paradise.”
  20. “When you come upon a difficult task … start.”
  21. “You cannot live by feelings and emotions; you have to live by your intuition and consciousness.”
  22. “Passion is like waves; it comes and goes. Compassion is the constant flow.”
  23. “Teacher is not a great popular person. They teach what they know and make people better than them. Teacher must create a student better than him or her. Otherwise that person is not a teacher but a preacher. There are tons and thousands of preachers.”
  24. “There are two ways to change things: Either you are forced to change or you have the intuition to change.”
  25. “Kundalini Yoga will dawn on you the secret of how to be Healthy, Happy and Holy.”