by Natasha Dern:  Many are awakening spiritually.  What do I mean by spiritual awakening? Spiritual awakening is a process of becoming aware, becoming conscious of our relationship to the Divine.

The Path now Of Spiritual AwakeningOur human fears have no place on this journey, although they’ll be tagging along as we begin to surrender their influences on our lives.  To be aware of this relationship is a lifelong process. Our journey of awakening is not a race or a competition. It has nothing to do with the physical world. Even though we live in time and space, our awakening is beyond all this. We will come to know ourselves as more than just our names, our family, our bodies. Our awakening takes us into a different reality — a reality that we will in time be able to define and understand.

To awaken also means the letting go of what you have held to be concrete reality. It is the dissolving of conditioned reality such as your beliefs, opinions, and ideas. You will realize that once you step outside the bubble of conditioned thinking you have no beliefs of your own. Much of your life is lived by the beliefs and opinions of others and apart from that, you cannot authoritatively state who you are. Your awakening will challenge your whole identity and enable you to sift through what is truly yours and what isn’t. You will be able to discern between authentic and conditioned consciousness. The many revelations you receive through the beginning stages will be foreign to you, but fear not, understanding is not far behind. I cannot tell you in words the intense need and unbearable ache your soul feels in its desire to connect with you.

Your ego, the conditioned part of you that has been shaped by circumstances of this life alone, will thwart your soul’s desire to bring you into its world of magic and miracles. Your ego is very cunning. It will attempt to pull you off your path and separate you from your soul because it does not understand the concept of the Divine. The ego operates on limited resources. It has no clue as to the misfortunes that visit, the illnesses that arise, the broken hearts that cannot heal, the motives behind crime and chaos. By not having access to universal intelligence leaves many of us angry, bitter, miserable and discontented with our lives. We have no reference point as to why we suffered an injustice, why we were betrayed, why we were abused.

As your consciousness expands, your ego will undergo a spiritualization of its nature. What do I mean by spiritualization of its nature? Your ego will begin to understand the nature of the soul and the soul’s purpose here on earth. Slowly it will begin to adapt and surrender to the soul’s will. Even though the ego gets a bad wrap, there’s no need to destroy it but simply to refine it. It serves a crucial role and should be respected.

When you perceive yourself, your life, your world in a new and meaningful way, be assured, that something within you will bring forth illumination, an ocean of possibilities pour into your life, you become authentic, and thus begin to live the creative life. It is as if a mysterious hand of divine origin begins to paint for you, and only you, a portrait of your potential and what you are destined to become. This portrait reveals your identity, your purpose and your truth. When ego and soul align in harmony — this is when your true life begins.

Natasha Dern