From the very beginning, The Pachamama Alliance’s partnership with the Achuar people of Ecuador made it clear that we share a deep connection with those who call the Amazon their home.

Crude Impact, a James Jandak Wood documentary, was born out of our commitment to show others that connection, and so a Pachamama Journey to the rainforest inspired this highly awarded film about the effects of fossil fuels, and the views guided by maximum short-term financial gains that disregard the long-term costs of ecological and cultural degradation.
Sadly, the messages in this 97-minute documentary, featuring Pachamama Alliance co-founders Lynne and Bill Twist, are more present and relevant than ever before for the south central basin of Ecuador’s Amazon. Watch the film, share it with friends, and join us to help us keep the promise we made to our partners in the Amazon: to transform the dream of the modern world to protect this magnificent and pristine rainforest that sustains life on earth for all.
A Message From the Director of Crude Impact
A Pachamama Alliance special edition DVD of Crude Impact was created with the complete interviews of Lynne and Bill Twist. This is James Jandak Wood’s message included at the interior of the DVD:
“The inspiration of Crude Impact came from a trip to the rainforest with The Pachamama Alliance in the summer of 2004. I found the rainforest to be an astoundingly beautiful place and meeting the indigenous people of the region, the Achuar, was equally inspiring. They are a strong, calm presence on this earth with a wisdom of life and of nature which could be invaluable to our future. But I also learned of the threat to both the Amazon rainforest and the indigenous peoples living there due to oil exploration. As I learned of the extensive damage to some parts of the rainforest and the harm done to its inhabitants from oil development, I wondered what drove humans to do this.
So I began an odyssey that led from the rainforest through a pile of books rivaling the Encyclopedia Britannica in size; books on the history of oil extraction, peak oil, food production, population growth and more. At some point along the way, I decided to tell the story of how oil had impacted the earth, humanity, other species and the climate. Film seemed to be the most powerful medium to deliver the story, and so Crude Impact was born.
This film would not have been made without The Pachamama Alliance, and without the inspiration Lynne and Bill Twist provided. It is therefore especially fitting that this edition includes the complete interviews with Bill and Lynne. These are incredibly visionary, thought provoking interviews. Lynne and Bill are amazing individuals who have given so much to the world. Their wisdom, patience, kindness and confidence in their work are an inspiration to every person who has had the great privilege to know them. Through these interviews, I am sure you will see why.”