Question and answer from the library of Mother Meera.

Question: Is formal meditation important?

Mother Meera: Yes, to meditate a half an hour or an hour is good. But if one becomes fanatical, wants to leave one’s job, live alone and meditate twenty-four hours a day, that is not good.

Q: What kind of meditation should we do?

MM: Close your eyes and sit in silence and do japa on any divine name.

Q: What is japa? Why is it so important?

MM: Japa is the repetition of the name of that in which we believe. Japa is essential. Japa is not simple words – each divine name is full of divine vibrations. These surround us and protect us and penetrate both our bodies and our whole inner being. Remembrance of the divine name gives immediate peace and happiness and turns us from the worldly to the Divine. There is no special and limited time for japa. It is very good to do japa all day. If this is not possible then remember whenever it is possible. We can practice japa during all activities. It is easier to remember when we do physical work without mental work. This japa helps us to purify our consciousness and make our sadhana easy.

Q: How should we say japa?

MM: Simply. Just say it. In doing japa, one should not strain or try to achieve something specific. One should try to be sincere and to have love of God. The power immediately follows, whether you are aware of it or not.

Q: Would you explain the power of the name?

MM: Each syllable of a divine name – such as Krishna or Jesus – has vibrations which change the atmosphere. Any object that we think about repeatedly generates its own vibration. Even though mantras are strong and powerful, we may not feel the effects immediately but results will come. One can feel the differences in the vibrations of words. Using the word, one can make things change.

Q: Is it necessary to wait for a guru to give a mantra or may one find a mantra on one’s own?

MM: Whichever mantra comes to you easily and spontaneously is the one you should do. It should give a strong feeling and be like music flowing from the heart.

Q: I don’t have a fixed japa. At different times different forms of the Divine – such as Shiva or Krishna – come into my mind, and I sing the appropriate mantra. Is doing this all right?

MM: Yes, whatever appeals at the moment is all right. One doesn’t have to have a fixed mantra.

Q: When I repeat your name is it necessary to say the mantra as given in The Mother, or can I just repeat Mother Meera or simply Meera?

MM: Either is sufficient.

Q: In meditation on a form of the Divine, is it enough to just have the feeling of the Divine, or must one say the mantra as well?

MM: It is enough to have the feeling. But it is good to mentally repeat the name of the Divine as well, because doing this trains the mind and heart.

Q: What is the best technique of meditation?

MM: There are so many techniques. Generally they confuse people. Quite often they increase people’s spiritual pride instead of destroying it. The proud man is far from God. You have to be very careful. The best way is to remember the Divine in everything and to offer everything to the Divine.

Asking For Help

Question: What is the importance of asking the Divine for something?

Mother Meera: If you want anything – love, truth, or courage, for example – you must ask for it. If you ask God for anything humbly and lovingly, you will receive it. But you must ask with your whole heart, so that your heart can be empty and God can fill it. If there is any pride in it, he cannot fill it as much. God wants to give you everything; you must learn how to let him. For this you need surrender. The reward of surrender is bliss and knowledge.

Q: What should I ask you for?

MM: Ask for everything – like a child asks its mother for everything, without shame. Do not stop at peace of mind or purity of heart or surrender. Demand everything. Don’t be satisfied with anything less than everything. If you ask, you will receive. If you receive, you will have to bear.

Q: I heard through my friend that you help people who are in need. Is it true?

MM: Yes.

Q: When we are having problems, does writing to you help? Is praying enough?

MM: Those devotees with much heart always want to write, whatever the problem. They always turn to the Mother. Some other devotees, with much mind, do not want to write because they are afraid of my having a record of their problems, which they want to keep hidden. In general, people should write with their problems, and then they will get direct help. Though some people can receive answers directly through prayer, the prayers of many others may not be deeply sincere and thus they do not receive help so quickly. Many people delay in writing about their problems, but when they finally do write and mail their letters, they may get an answer immediately, long before I receive the letter. Each person must decide for himself or herself whether or not to write.

Q: When someone asks for Your help You simply say “Yes”. How do you help them?

Mother Meera: There are different lights which serve different purposes. I send whichever Light is needed.

Question: How does the Divine Grace intervene?

MM: The Divine grace intervenes and often alters a given situation but many times it is neither possible nor desireable to eliminate karma completely. Grace can modify some of its effects.

Q: I would like to promote you in my circle of friends.

MM: No publicity. If your friends in your circle are in need of help, if they have problems, then you can talk to them. They will get help. Their faith itself will increase.

Q: I am in great agony and sometimes I love you and sometimes not. Can you help me?

MM: No matter if you love me or not, if you need the help, I will help you. The help does not depend on any condition.  If you need me or my help I will help you, whatever path you may follow. For me there is no difference. All paths lead to the same goal, that is, to realize the Divine.


Question: What is the relationship of your silence to my — or any devotee’s — development?

Mother Meera: I do not speak but my force changes people completely. The power of the Divine works in the silence and will change things according to your aim and what you ask for. Sometimes I can give immediately what you have requested. Sometimes it takes time. Some people ask for each and every small thing, and others go on asking — it depends on the individual. However, whether you ask or not is not important. I will give what is necessary.

Q: It seems that when we surrender to you we enter a great force field in which our reality is very quickly and dramatically transformed to show us what we need to understand. Would you say something about this?

MM: When you come into my presence or into contact with me your development speeds up and your karma becomes less. Because of my power, you can learn more in one life and can see more clearly and calmly so that understanding comes easier. I give the Light to show you what you need to know. As you grow you will see your defects more clearly. This is due to the grace of the Divine.

Q: What is the best way to follow your inner teaching?

Mother Meera: Be like a child — clear, loving, spontaneous, infinitely flexible and ready each moment to wonder and accept miracles.