by :  You always have a say in what happens in your life, but sometimes, it’s better to move with the natural flow of things. Oftentimes, we create blocks that stop abundance, opportunity and growth from happening.Where Are You Blocking the Flow? When you’re living in the flow, things happen with ease. Synchronicity is all around you. Doors open, the right people appear and things fall into place. Just like that.

But what happens when you step back or move in another direction out of fear or avoidance of all things uncomfortable? Blocks happen.

Maybe the universe presented you with an amazing opportunity, but you convinced yourself it wasn’t the right time because of money/time/family/whatever else. Then suddenly, things stopped flowing… Life felt like more of a struggle, arguments broke out and you started to feel unfulfilled, stressed out or like the world’s out to get you.


You have to learn how to discern between fear/avoidance and what’s really, truly not right for you.

It comes down to three things.

1) You have to connect with your intuition.

Your intuition is always speaking to you, but if you can’t hear it loud and clear, you’re going to miss the signs that this is or isn’t right for you. If an opportunity, relationship or next step is right and in line with the natural flow of things, your intuition will know… even if the rest of you is completely freaked out by the idea.

Make space to connect with your intuition. Learn to trust yourself even with your head tries to talk you in the other direction. Intuition is boss, always.

So how do you connect with your intuition? You get out of your head and into your body. What do you feelin response to the situation at hand? Expansion, energy, openness? That’s a yes. Tightness, resistance and tension? That’s a no.

Your body knows. Learn to listen.

2) You must learn to get comfortable being uncomfortable.

Growth, amazing experiences, authentic connection and big moves are scary. No arguments there — but fear doesn’t mean it’s a no. Fear is simply excitement without the breath. Breathe into it and feel the amazing possibilities of what’s next for you.

You have to get uncomfortable to take yourself and your life to the next level. It’s all about stretching, growing, changing and stepping up to a new level. It’s not going to be easy and you have to understand that. If you can’t get uncomfortable, you’re going to block the flow and stay stuck exactly where you are.

Sure, where you are might be just fine… but it’s comfortable. It doesn’t require you to stretch and grow as a human being. It doesn’t help you build an amazing life around your passions, with people you deeply connect with and having amazing experiences.

Stop letting fear hold you back. Take a breath and make the leap.

3) You have to learn to trust the flow.

Sometimes changes don’t make sense or don’t look exactly how we’d like them to… That doesn’t mean it’s not what’s supposed to happen next for us. Opportunity and growth doesn’t wait around until you’re ready or it fits with your present life plan. It happens when it’s supposed to happen.

If something happens and you know in your bones that it’s what’s right, whether your head and heart are happy about it, you have to trust that. Release the relationships that are no longer serving you, move from the city you love when it’s time, take the job opportunity that’s going to throw everything you planned “off track.”

When you step back or make another decision out of fear or avoidance, you set yourself up to stay stuck for years. You may be content now — but once the flow’s been blocked, things start to unravel from within. Learn to trust.

Take Action Now!

Where are you blocking the flow in your life? Where have you in the past? What changes and decisions do you need to make to step back into it? Leave a comment below and let me know what you’re going to do to shift your situation.

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