1. “Being part of a uninverse that is constantly changing and evolving, does it even sound reasonable that one is looking for absolutes.”
  2. “Love is a natural expression of the intelligent mind & intelligent action is a natural outcome of Love.”
  3. “Living on a planet that accommodates all, it doesn’t make sense that some of us cannot even accommodate another’s point of view.”
  4. “Awareness is the enemy of habit.”
  5. “We need a mind that is spacious in order to love. Such a spacious mind is possible, only if one chooses to live  a life of mind fullness.” 
  6. “Between the conformist & the non conformist, I would say the non conformist is a better bet for a new world that requires a new thinking.”
  7. “Inner conflict exists only in resistance to the truth of what u actually are.”
  8. “True unity is in realizing that all views are equally true and equally extraordinary.”
  9. “There is a place for all in this world. There is no need to feel insecure about another’s point of view. The beauty is in diversity.”
  10. “The more you learn the more clear it becomes to you that learning is nothing but a process of unlearning, its challenging but empowering too.”
  11. “I believe a radical transformation in one’s thinking is a must if we are looking for a radical transformation in one’s actions.”
  12. “If our thinking is founded on the assumption “I am separate from the other,” then there will be division at every level.”
  13. “Some of the concepts that i would enquire, to check their relevance or irrelevance to our life; god,purpose,destiny,afterlife,ultimate truth.”
  14. “No idea is absolute & that includes the idea of “God” as well. any idea, if believed to b absolute could be more binding than liberating.”
  15. “Suffering does not happen by chance nor is it the work of fate, it is a result of our own thinking processes.”
  16. “I believe it’s our (HUMANKIND’s) obsession with permanence that has enslaved us to so many religious & spiritual beliefs.”
  17. “I believe that a truly happy person needs very little education on how to love another.”
  18. “The result of Life education is learning to live a life of awareness, awareness from which right action is born.”
  19. “Conflict and guilt are habits in the human mind and these habits can be broken through conscious attention.”
  20. “I do believe that suffering could be an opportunity for growth but to say suffering is the only way for growth, doesn’t make any sense.”
  21. “Moral Education tells us what thoughts to think & what not to think, what emotions to feel & what not to feel.”
  22. “Why is it so difficult for us to observe our mind without feeling threatened by it’s contents?”
  23. “If our actions have to change then our thinking has to change and for this to happen one has to become aware of one’s existing thinking process and its foundations.”
  24. Awareness is love. Awareness is joy. Awareness is peace. Awareness is freedom. Awareness is God.
  25. “No reason is a good enough reason or a valid reason for suffering. Inner misery is always a choice & one can choose to b free of it.”