by: Jason Dorrier:  What can participants expect to gain by attending? Lectures by FutureMed’s world-class faculty will empart a stunning vision of just how fast things are moving and what opportunities and challenges lie around the corner. (Go here to learn more about the FutureMed faculty.)

Beyond listening and learning—action is a central FutureMed philosophy. The hope is participants will implement rapidly advancing technologies in their own projects, practices, and companies over the next two, five, and ten years to help reinvent prevention, wellness, diagnosis, and therapy.

SH 99_#4Above all, FutureMed offers initiation into a community of like-minded individuals who want to use technology to solve big problems.

The FutureMed team tries to make the program as interactive as possible—adding lively Q&A sessions following lectures, student-led unconferences, and hands-on workshops. And of course, the San Diego version will offer extracurricular mixing over drinks at the Del Coronado’s bar or perhaps a bonfire on the beach.

Singularity University’s FutureMed continues to be a hot ticket. Following the successful (and sold out) February program pictured above, the organizers of FutureMed have announced a second program in November 2013. (You can apply here!)

The more intimate annual gathering at NASA Moffet Field isn’t going away. But Daniel Kraft, FutureMed’s Executive Director, told Singularity Hub, “We had five times as many people apply as we had spots in the traditional program. So we thought we’d expand FutureMed to a larger venue.”

Kraft and Robin Farmanfarmaian, Founding Executive Producer of FutureMed, anticipate 400 participants in San Diego at the historic Hotel Del Coronado from November 3rd to November 6th.

SH 99_#1Built in 1888, the Del Coronado’s played host to presidents, movie stars, royalty, and inventors—an appropriate setting for a meeting of minds intent on making some history of their own.

Singularity University’s mission is, of course, spreading the word on exponentially advancing technology.

FutureMed takes that central theme and applies it to the world of health and medicine, an area Kraft says is “ripe for disruption.”

More compact than the traditional FutureMed, the San Diego program will span three and a half days and deliver an overview of rapidly advancing technology, before zooming in on specific tracks like data-driven health, regenerative medicine, neurotechnology, low-cost genomics, and personalized medicine. (See the full list of FutureMed tracks here.)

The FutureMed team hopes the shorter format will more easily fit into the busy schedules of professionals and entrepreneurs.

Most conferences focus on one specialty—cardiology, hematology, healthcare IT, data-in-health—and therefore miss out on crucial cross-pollination. Kraft says, “By bringing together these forward thinking entrepreneurs, innovators, and practitioners at past FutureMeds, something magical has happened.”

Prior sessions have delivered new ideas, endeavors, and companies. Two exciting new health startups, Jointly and Scanadu, for example, emerged from past FutureMeds.

Kraft says, “We really hope in the years to follow that FutureMed and the community that grows out of it are gonna shake things up.” To learn more about the program check out the FutureMed website. But if you’re already onboard—apply here.

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