Jiddu Krishnamurti speaks with Dr. Allan W. Anderson about desire, on A Wholly Different Way of Living, in 1974.

A: Mr Krishnamurti, last time we were speaking you made the remark that fear and pleasure are opposite sides of the same coin. And, as I remember, when we concluded our last conversation we were still talking about fear. And I was thinking perhaps we could move from fear into the discussion of pleasure. But perhaps there is something more about fear that we need still to look into, to explore.

K: Sir, I think for most of us, fear has created such misery, so many activities are born of fear, ideologies and gods, that we never seem to be free completely from fear. That’s what we were saying.

A: That’s what we were saying.

K: And so freedom from. and freedom, are two different things. Aren’t they.

A: Yes.