by Lover of Scribbling Words: So, following on from yesterday’s blog on not following the tradition of having a list of ‘doomed to failure’ resolutions and seeking increased personal development. Today I did something I never imagined I would be doing on January 2 this year.

MoojiLast night I received an email from my friend Isabel, who incidentally is determined to help me on my quest to empty my busy mind inviting me to asatsang with Mooji.

Two thoughts went through my mind on reading the email. Firstly, could I get everything I needed to get done at HQ and be back in London on time? and secondly, would I feel comfortable? When I say comfortable, I mean when one hears the word ‘Guru’ bandied about one thinks of all the self- styled attention-seeking frauds with their band of merry followers. This automatically makes my heart sink. I loathe any type of organised ‘religion’ but then I thought of the words I had written but 90 minutes previously and accepted her kind invitation.I might also add that when I went to bed last night I did my homework on the ‘master’ and read at least five articles, watched 3 You tube clips and of course used Wiki to get a better understanding of what I was getting myself into.

This morning I spent a while thinking about what it might be like, how I might feel and whether it would have any profound and lasting effects on me.

So we arrived and there was a queue. The queue started to grow and then grow and I found myself thinking – There must be something in this. This event had only been announced 48 hours previously. They were running an hour late and frantically trying to an accommodate all of the ‘disciples’ and then he walked in and greeted us all.
The first thing that struck me is that Mooji has the most calming voice I think I’ve ever heard. Everyone, including me was immersed in his words from the moment he opened his mouth. I am a great people watcher and the thing that struck me the most as my eyes scanned heaving to capacity room were the sheer volume of people mediating as he spoke.

An afternoon with Mooji

People are invited to sit with him and ask a question. I had thought of a question but as I watched the steady stream of people approach him I suddenly felt quite small and full of trepidation. Instead sat on the edge of my seat and listened to their anguish and his answers. The answers of course were hugely profound and spoke not just to the ‘seeker’ but to all of us. Some of the answers totally resonated with me and I found myself transfixed.

Mooji has a way about him aside from his immensely comforting tone, he also emits natural humour and such charisma, which at times had the entire space in fits of giggles.

This man had emptied my ‘busy brain’ and me completely focused. His teachings are profound and in this persons case has given enough food for thought to feed a hungry battalion.

Why do I like Mooji ? He’s not false, there is no pretense he speaks from the heart, searches for the answers from deep within and his wise teachings speak volumes.

Would I go and see him again? Yes. Would I get up and ask a question? I’m not sure but what I do know is that my intention to further to increase my personal development has got of to a flying start this year and I’ve returned home feeling very warm and enlightened , slightly soporific and there is no noise in my head tonight – Thank you Isabel, mission accomplished !

I shall leave you with this……..

Mooji guided meditation