by Meg Blackburn Losey, Ph.D.  Psychic and master healer Meg Losey shares her alternative healing techniques for mind, body, and spirit, in Touching The Light.

Dr. Meg Blackburn LoseyLosey shows how channeled systems of healing stem from our perception, energy, and participation in our own journeys. She shares the techniques that she has learned from her human and her etheric teachers that readers can use on themselves and others.

How is it that miracles happen? Is spontaneous healing really possible? Why is it that some illnesses don’t show up in standard or even specialized medical testing, yet are very real in their effects? Can someone be “cosmically sick” with no apparent physical cause? How do the people and places around us affect us in our everyday lives? Can we intentionally and effectively create miracles of healing, to change lives, or to effect positive outcomes even when situations seem hopeless? How can symbols of light be used to instantly attune someone’s entire energy system?

Meg Blackburn Losey answers these questions and many other in this ground-breaking book.

Touching The Light brings the reader into previously unknown worlds of healing and explains not only how energy healing is possible but how it works. It is the quintessential instruction manual for holistic healing in the third dimension and beyond!


The Subtle Energy Fields and What Modern Medicine Does Not Consider

The stigma that conventional medicine has instilled against alternative, or complementary, medicine that it is quackery, doesn’t work, and is ineffective, is arguably one of the greatest debates of all time. In many states and countries, alternative healing is embraced as both effective and acceptable, even complementary to modern, or allopathic, medicine.

Alternative Healing Unfairly Receives a Bad Reputation

Alternative healing has been given a bad rap for many reasons. It has taken on many forms, identities, and modalities over the course of time. Some have worked magnificently while others fell into the category of quackery, snake oils, and elixirs that did nothing but line the pockets of their inventors and practitioners. Like any subject, alternative healing has many faces and infinite perspectives.

One of the reasons alternative healing is difficult for many people to understand and the reason many people are afraid of it is that usually alternative healing comprises intangibles, and it is based upon the intuitions or experiences of others. Alternative healing incorporates supplements and methods of healing that are not generally accepted as proven in the allopathic world of so-called modern medicine, especially among the pharmaceutical companies who make billions of dollars with their products.

The truth is, we may not always know why something works, but if it does, the why and how shouldn’t matter. In my many years of working with people and their challenges, I have found that the how and why just aren’t what is important. What is important is that it works.

To me, proof isn’t necessary when people who were very sick or challenged for some reason suddenly do an about face and are completely healed of whatever ailed them.

The Marriage of Conventional and Alternative Medicine Is a Match Made in Heaven

What we must also realize is that, quite often, alternative methods of healing can be utilized in a complementary way to so-called “normal medicine.”

In my humble opinion and based upon literally thousands of hands-on and long distance sessions, there is nearly always room for the alternative to coincide with modern currently acceptable methods. Science is based on what is measurable and provable, and yet what I have experienced nearly every time I have been privileged to do this work is that what I see occur is neither.

Sacred Geometry: More Than Pretty Shapes

As the Masters taught me about consciousness, creation, and the relationships of both in conjunction to sacred geometry, it was a cosmic “aha!” for me. Suddenly I realized how prayers work, how miracles happen, and how we are part of everything and everything really is us. Really. Yet I couldn’t prove it. I could only share my story, so a few years later I wrote my first book, Pyramids of Light: Awakening to Multi-Dimensional Reality. Truthfully, I went publically out on a long limb as I described the basic fabric of creation and how we are harmonically and indelibly linked within it all. I used geometric forms to tell much of my story, wondering if the world would laugh me into a small room where someone would throw away the key. Instead, almost exactly eight months after I published the book, the cover of Science Magazine had illustrations of geometric forms nearly identical to mine in an article discussing how scientists had just proven that in all of creation certain forms occur as matter and reality come to be.

I would never have known about it, but someone who had read my book emailed me a copy of the magazine cover. All I could think was, “Oh. My. God. This stuff I am experiencing is real. I knew it.” Now I had a little proof. As time has moved on, science has occasionally caught up with my teachings. I celebrate each and every time it happens because we are all of the same mind and sometimes we can witness that in a cohesive way.

Alternative Medicine, Pharmaceutical Companies, and the AMA

Too many times, the alternative has been shut down, hidden, or altogether obliterated in the name of science and medicine. That, to me, is just downright wrong. For example, according to a terrific book on this subject called The Politics of Healing by Daniel Haley, great damage has been done in the past by the American Medical Association (AMA) and other organizations of the medical world as they literally squashed successful cures for cancer back in the 1930s that were created by eminent doctors who took varied, and as yet untested and unproven, turns in their research to real people who got better.

In the 1930s a man named Royal Raymond Rife invented a quartz crystal light-refracting microscope through which he was literally able to see living frequencies. Instead of using, for instance, dried blood on a slide, he was able to view blood in its living form under his special microscope.

Dr. Rife realized that he was viewing living diseases and that each different one went through several states of being. He realized that most diseases are polymorphic; they move from, say, a bacteria to a virus to a fungus, and back to bacteria. As he witnessed these transformations, Dr. Rife realized that each stage of disease had a unique and specific frequency or set of frequencies. As he experimented with these frequencies, he discovered that if he introduced the exact opposite of the frequencies of the disease stage, the disease was obliterated. This was a lot like having a Yin and introducing a Yang. The two parts negated each other.

As his understanding of these processes grew, Dr. Rife began to utilize his findings on terminal cancer patients. Patients who were so far along in their illness that their deaths were sometimes imminent. And every single one of them recovered fully. All of them.

Dr. Rife had discovered the cure to essentially all disease. Imagine. When news of his discoveries became public, the American Medical Association (AMA) pressured Dr. Rife to share his technology because there was a huge amount of money to be made. Like other researchers at the time, Dr. Rife wasn’t interested in the financial gain or fame but in what his discovery could do for humanity. It wasn’t long before the AMA destroyed Dr. Rife’s lab, his notes, and most of his equipment, essentially ruining him and his work for any future use.

Many have tried to re-create Rife’s technology and have come close but have not been able to exactly replicate his work. Part of the problem is that our current technology produces very specific tones and frequencies that do not fluctuate or waver. In the 1930s electronic machines were powered and modulated by glass tubes. Because the technology was more primitive, fluctuations in the sound, light, and vibrations occurred. It was in the imperfection of frequencies, the fluctuations, and the span in between frequencies, that the healing took place.

Rife’s discoveries spoke loudly to us and the states of our perceived illnesses, and yet we do not fully hear his discoveries. There is little money to be made in wellness and huge sums being made through illnesses. Assessing living frequencies as they apply to the physical and energetic bodies will be the ultimate in curing all illness. Much like Dr. Leonard “Bones” McCoy in Star Trek, we will someday be able to wave a frequency assessment tool over and around a body to find exactly where the harmonic attunement is off and to correct the attunement toward a full cure.

The sad truth is that Rife’s work was all destroyed because he would not get into profit sharing of his work with the AMA. Seriously. Dr. Rife was more interested in healing the sick than dollars and cents.

Others, including a man named Harry Hoxsey, came up with cures for cancer around the same time. Hoxsey observed that when his horse grazed in certain areas of a pasture, an ugly tumor growth on its body diminished. After many years of trial and error, Hoxsey came up with the ingredients from his field that obliterated cancer. His work was threatened and largely destroyed as well, but I do hear that a clinic based upon his research was opened in Mexico. Another man named Gaston Naessens, who did anti-cancer blood research, began to understand how to read live blood samples and to cure cancer based upon what he found. He was only interested in the cure, never money or fame, but he was ostracized, raided, imprisoned, and destroyed by the medical powers-that-be.

Although Daniel Haley’s assertions in the above stories have not been proven, they have a ring of a truth that is, on deep levels, hard to deny.

Currently, the pharmaceutical companies would have us believe that we can’t live without their products, that we must be afflicted by certain diseases if we have certain symptoms. These same companies lobby to have all forms of alternative healings and supplements determined to be illegal or taken off the market. After all, they don’t make money from alternatives. It is a very sad thing that the hard hitting corporate perception of reality is allowed to reign over more subtle truths.

When we moved to Tennessee for five years, there was only one doctor’s office in our small town. A family of physicians ran it. When I walked in, I remember thinking how thoughtful that they had a new flat screen TV in the waiting room for their patients to pass the waiting time…until I realized that what was showing on the TV wasn’t the daily soap or game show or even CNN news. Instead, they were advertising prescription drugs with a reminder to the patient to ask the doc if those drugs would help us while we were there. Once in the examination room, I noticed that the doctors had monthly digests of the latest drugs on their desks, all advertised by the pharmaceutical companies. I was encouraged on more than one occasion to try the drug of the month for this or that ailment. I remember telling the doc that the drugs were too new and that I imagined that within a year we would hear of a recall and the damage they had done. Sure enough, I was right. Frankly, I find this disgusting. We are not unhealthy to start with, but we can sure get that way in a hurry by believing the advertisements.

We can’t watch a program on TV or listen to the radio, open a magazine, or participate in our world in general without drug ads in our faces. Many of my students who work or have worked in doctor’s offices tell me that although it is illegal in their states, the pharmaceutical companies continue to reward doctors for prescribing their drugs. These rewards, according to a number of my students in areas where this is prevalent, apply especially in regards to children who are being blanket diagnosed with ADD and ADHD, bi-polar, and other horrendous labels they will have to live with forever. When I hear these things, they aren’t told to me as gossip or even to convince me of anything. Mostly, the stories come from students who ask my opinion of the different situations they have witnessed. Needless to say, I am incensed when I hear these stories. Once upon a time, medications saved lives. Now I venture to say they run and ruin many lives. There is a time and a place for drugs, but not in the way they are being thrust upon an innocent public today.

Has anyone considered that maybe, just maybe, we are experiencing an evolution of awareness or changes in our energy fields that have caused us to physically begin to operate differently as human beings?

Case in point: autism. Without a doubt, autism is an epidemic and is completely misunderstood. A generation of our children is experiencing, in nearly epidemic proportions, a disease that has a wide spectrum of effects and symptoms. Why are the symptoms of autism so varied? Simple. It has everything to do with the subtle energy field. Since conventional medicine does not consider the subtle energy field at all, it has been missing the boat to effective cures and treatments for autistic children.

If the medical community were to look at autism from the perspective of subtle energy, they would find a completely different set of information from what is found in the physical realm. For many years, children’s vaccines contained fillers such as mercury and thallium as additives. Mercury is conductive. It responds to temperature variations, it conducts energy, and it has been researched as a possible fuel for inter-stellar travel because of its efficiency and level of conductivity.

And what did our pharmaceutical companies and drug inventors do? They used these elements as fillers in vaccines that are then injected into our children! We all have subtle energy fields, which I will describe in depth a little later, and our energy fields respond to things like mercury. Subtle energy is conducted more easily and quickly than the electrical energy that is found in our nervous systems. Our subtle energy systems also react to the electromagnetic energy that is thrown from power lines and other environmental factors, as well as electronics, computers, and even electromagnetic emissions from the planet Earth.