by Beth Buczynski:  Humans can be creative when it comes to finding sustenance. Our ancestors were hunter-gatherers long before they grew crops or raised animals. Foraging in the wild for food is something deeply embedded in human DNA. Although most of us would be lost without the local supermarket, those who specialize in wilderness survival demonstrate that the ability to find and eat what’s available in the wild is still a valuable skill.

When it comes to water, however, we don’t have as much flexibility. Water comprises about three quarters of the human mass and is a major component in every cell. Being just 2 percent dehydrated can seriously degrade physical and mental functions, and unlike vitamin deficiencies which can take weeks to make someone ill, a water deficiency can kill in days or even hours. With millions around the world lacking access to safe drinking water, the folks at Puralytics decided to create a portable water purification system that works without electricity, chemicals, or artificial light sources.


Just a few days ago, Puralytics launched the retail version of the SolarBag, a water purification system that uses sunlight-activated nanotechnology to produce safe and sustainable fresh water. Unlike other solar-powered filtration systems we’ve featured in the past, the SolarBag does not need bright, direct sunlight to work. Even the ambient light on a cloudy day is enough to activate the nanotechnology embedded in the coated mesh insert.

This activates the 5 photochemical processes that purify water and reduce or destroy contaminants found in virtually all water sources. This system is also one of the only commercial available purification systems that exceeds EPA standards, which require that water purification methods destroy 99.9999% of bacteria, 99.99% of viruses and 99.9% of protozoa. The SolarBag also treats other contaminants not addressed by existing technologies on the market, such as pesticides, petrochemicals, heavy metals and pharmaceuticals.

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