by Geoffrey Jowett:  Your Soul Agreement and How to Measure its Progression…



Each soul is on a journey of enlightenment and incarnates numerous times to rediscover the essence of its self as God Source. The purpose of the temporary visit to the earth plane is to; achieve enlightenment for the advancement of consciousness, to fulfill karmic debt from past incarnations, to complete one’s soul agreement and to accomplish some type of healing, and to assist soul family members to accomplish their soul agreements.

Your soul came into this physical incarnation with an agreement to become more enlightened with a certain aspect of your consciousness, to fulfill karmic debts from past incarnations and to understand the essence of your being as Divine Love.

Your soul agreement is your sacred treaty with your higher self to achieve the next level of awareness on your spiritual journey of enlightenment.

In a way, your soul agreement is your guideline to follow as you evaluate and excavate the landscape of the various levels of consciousness. With the gift of free will you are continuously making choices of what to think, feel, say and do. Each choice has karmic consequences, which will impact your journey ahead.

Specific to your soul agreement, your soul chooses a temporary physical body to wear that contains the ideal personality for you to successfully complete that which you seek to heal in this incarnation. Your soul, and its costume of the physical body, offers you the best opportunity to engage in the activities and experiences that will help you to complete your lessons and fulfill your agreement.

Your physical body, which personality within, is the vehicle that a souls utilizes to travel through the physical experience with, to meet the right people within your soul family, to encounter the experiences that will best serve your contract and to better get to know your true and natural essence. If the body your soul chooses comes with your perception of a shortcoming, know that it is perfect for your agreement. The blemishes of the body can be related to past karma or later in life, may be the consequences of thoughts, feelings or emotions that may manifest as ‘dis-ease’. Embrace all aspects of yourself because they are all precise and faultless for your agreement.

Your soul agreement complements the contracts of your soul family members. As you work on fulfilling your agreement, you are on some level helping your soul family members achieve a part of their agreement and vice versa. For example, one of your soul family members may have in their agreement to leave at a young age to help their family members to understand the continuity of life and the eternity of love. Another example, one of your soul family members may have a mental disability to awaken their soul family to a certain aspect of consciousness.

Try not to limit your perceptions to the standards of the world in matters of the soul. Perfection and truth are the consequences of the ingenuity, brilliance and divinity of the soul. Accept and allow the miracles of your soul to encounter, accomplish and become enlightened through the human practice of life and wisdom on the soul level. Soul consciousness is much more expansive and timeless.

Your soul has three major feedback mechanisms that help determine if its soul agreement is being fulfilled and accomplished; karma, relationships, and emotions.

First, the law of karma, known as the ‘great tutor’, provides precise and continuous feedback for your soul. For every thought, feeling, word, or action there is an equal response to remind your soul ~ ‘is this what you really want to experience’. Your soul has free will to change its perceptions and responses, which can offer a change in life its experiences and situations.

Although you have a destiny, there is freedom in how you choose to express your life. As you make choices, you express your will and therefore generate karma.

The eternal law of karma states that for each and every choice there are consequences that you will experience. Karma (also called the law of cause and effect) simply means that for every one of your actions, there is an eventual and inescapable effect. As the Bible states, “what you sow, you reap.” For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. For each thought, feeling, word, deed or action you express it sends a ripple effect into the universal energy field causing karma and therefore energy boomerangs back at you to maintain the harmony the universal energy field.

Secondly, relationships, the ‘great mirrors’, reflect back to your soul what you are truly feeling about yourself. The feelings your soul has for others, is an indication of the sentiment, value, and worth your soul for itself. Your soul sees itself in the eyes of your brothers and sisters and realizes what it needs to do to heal. How your soul responds to others is an indication of what the soul feels about itself.

Significant relationships can be defined as soul mates. Your soul mates are your lovers, friends or family members that you grow, evolve, and heal with spiritually, sometimes for many lifetimes. Your soul mates are potentially extremely valuable opportunity for your soul to grow, evolve, develop, and heal intellectually, emotionally and mainly spiritually with another soul.

Your soul mates are parents, siblings, romantic partners, friends or work partners. The pull and attraction we have for others is usually an individual that we have karma to heal and/or grow through with. Soul mates can have the purpose of resolving past life issues, concerns and challenges that were created in previous incarnations.

A third feedback mechanism for your soul is your emotions. Emotions and sentiments are associated with the physical plane and can act as a GPS or guidance system to provide direction on your soul’s path in the physical realm. The emotions associated with fear (anxiety, worry, guilt, shame) can offer insights that a decision is not in the best interest of your soul, whereas, loving emotions (peace, contentment, and joy) signals a path of lesser resistance and growth for your soul.

No matter how much time your soul experiences within a specific incarnation, each moment is valuable in the expression of your consciousness and the healing opportunities offered to you and your soul family. Once the consciousness resurrects from the physical shell, it continues to seek enlightenment, growth, understanding, and love in the higher vibrational dimension of spirit.

Source: Om Times