What to expect in 2015. A spiritual forecast for 2015 from Maureen St. Germain. 


by Maureen St. Germain: Have you ever been in a situation where you expected a traffic jam yet when you actually arrived in that location you breezed through to your final destination without any difficulties?

This is what you can expect in 2015. This year there is a soft wind to support your life and experiences. Things will go smoothly, and it’s about time isn’t it? There is a catch, and we’ll get to that shortly.

This year will be easier for everyone who has gotten in the flow. This means if you’ve learned how to let go, take criticism, love others and maintain a positive attitude – in spite of difficulties – you’ll have a great year. You will find that everyone is kinder, well almost everyone. Customer service people, sales help, coworkers, family and friends will all be kinder and gentler than ever. Look around and notice how you used to hate to have to return a purchase, give someone bad news, complain about a service (or no service) and now, there is kindness in the air! This is because certain energies have been removed from the grids, certain grids have been replaced and certain templates no longer exist that used to be programed to allow traumas and dramas. Further more, the kinder, gentler you are, the more you will attract that from others. This is because everyone is attracting more like minded people into their world. This is taking the Golden Rule to new heights. 

Remember the song of the late ‘60’s, recorded by the Fifth Dimension? “This is the Dawning of the Age of Aquarius?” This year, we are reaping the rewards of our efforts since the release of that song some 30 years ago! The song sums up the promises we’ve been hearing at there will be “peace upon the planet and love will fill the air.”  You can see and experience it everywhere. So expect it. There are a few things you can do to help improve this “fair weather” energy. It’s in your best interests to go with the flow.

What can you do to help?

Stop harboring the “old memories” of anger and frustration. Decide to give it up.  Everyone is able to manifest faster, so if you head is full of dark thoughts – you’ll get more darkness. Give up your need to be validated by your misery and step into your power by being proactive about your life, your desires, your needs and your happiness. Look to God to validate you, not some outsider. This can be done with a simple prayer – Dear God, show me how much I am loved. Surprisingly, spoken daily, will create a loving supportive energy that helps you conquer fears and express your true mastery. Most people feel better just saying it. Even if you don’t keep saying it anyway because the prayer will improve your circumstances. 

Start to meditate.

If you can not be still, buy a meditation recording from someone who will lead you through a guided step by step process to get you into a calmer state. Learn some martial arts practice, not because you need to protect yourself – but because you need to teach your body how to be strong and relaxed at the same time. This is the opposite of stress, and will help you in every other element of your life.

Sounds too good to be true!

Remember that exception I mentioned in the opening paragraph? There is one exception to this gentle year news. The exception is big. There’s a “last hurrah” that is coming from the forces of those that would have us fail and they will use unmitigated anger to scare you into conformity. Whoa, well what will you do? Let them scare you? Not if you know that it’s a powerless “attempt” to scare you into conformity. Like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz, you can “look behind the curtain” and decide that the big scary voice isn’t. You also have the benefit of knowing this ahead of time – that you very likely will be scared or intimidated, and can calmly, demand it stop. Really? Yes.

What else can you do?

Memorize this phrase, “You don’t scare me.” I have a right to be here, and I CLAIM my victory in the light. Say it in the air, before you are about to go into a meeting. No need to argue about it – you can be pleasant and kind. Be clear and insistent. And KNOW you will be fine. Not so easy, in the face of history, but true, never the less.

Who do bully’s respond to?

Sadly, bullies generally only respond to other bullies. In 2011 the case of Egypt’s overthrow, the military refused Mubaraks orders – and  the revolution was started, one bully (the military) refusing to follow the other one (the country’s leader.)


What else can you do from so far away, with so much trouble in the world? 

It’s the last act in a theatre that we all have participated in.

Yes but what about the Middle East?

Aside from pockets of the middle east – and other war torn countries – peace is here. and it’s important that you notice. It’s also true you can see war torn parts of the world – and your scenario for helping that is very specific. We will get to that momentarily..


The grids have been put into place. The old grids that supported abuse, disruption,  Many earth grids have been created by spiritual people, myself included. We’ve worked behind the scenes to create new templates and grids that support kinder gentler responses to individuals. There is no more “intense” anger – except where there are entities or other agents of destruction that are trying to get certain emotions out of an individual – to express an unresolved anger.  to give people new and different templates to follow – when they encounter difficulty.

Why are they doing this?

Your divnity test is the opportunity for you to prove that you truly “are God.” And can make a difference.