Forgetfulness is usually a normal part of life, especially if you’re getting older…


The good news is that there are lots of scientifically proven ways to improve your memory and make remembering things come more easily. Take a look at the following tricky hacks to help you improve your memory day by day: 

Do Crosswords and Play Brain Games

Using your brain for fun activities like crosswords and teasers can have a beneficial effect on your memory. Marcel Danesi, PhD, researcher and author of Extreme Brain Workout, theorizes that these types of activities keep synapses in the brain active, including those that are used to form new memories and recall information. Playing these kinds of games during your leisure time is an easy way to help give your brain a workout and your memory a boost, with only putting in a little time.

insane maze
Want a challenge?  Try a map from Mike Bostock’s algorithm

By saying things out loud, you help commit them to memory, according to Cynthia Green, Ph.D., president of Memory Arts LLC. So when you meet someone new, repeat their name throughout the conversation. If you’re trying to remember where you parked, say the name of the streets or a landmark out loud. This simple exercise will help you commit things to memory early on, which is especially helpful if you are bad with names. 

Eat Nutritiously

You’ve probably heard that fish is brain food—that’s because it’s chock full of omega-3 fatty acids. Nuts and avocado are also great sources of these brain boosting antioxidants. Gary Small, MD, director of the UCLA Memory Clinic, fruits and vegetables, especially berries, are also great for your memory. A studyconducted by the University of Reading also touted the benefits of berries for improving recall. With the proper fuel, your mind and memory will feel much sharper throughout the day. 

Invoke Your Senses

According to John M. Grohol, Psy.D., founder and CEO of Psych Central, using your senses when you’re trying to remember something makes it easier to recall. For example, try chewing a certain type of gum when you’re studying for a test, and the same gum when you actually take the test. To boost the sensory recall, wear the same perfume or a soft scarf. 

Get on Your Feet

Research shows that regular exercise improves memory and prevents age related cognitive decline. Exercise enlarges the hippocampus, which is part of the brain responsible for memory recall. Regular exercise has countless benefits for both brain and body, so if your memory needs a little help, consider amping up your workout routine.

Hamster Wheel Standing Desk
Really want to enlarge your hippocampus? Build yourself this hamster wheel standing desk.

By trying these five hacks, you may find that it’s much easier for you to remember names, passwords, parking spaces, and all the other facts that seem like they slip through your fingers when you need them most. 

Source: 33rd Square