What would he make of the Modern Day ‘Yoga’ movement?

While most people in the West are now familiar with the physical aspect of Yoga, or the ‘Asanas’, many have yet to explore the other branches of Yoga which make it a complete system of mind-body integration and spiritual development.


This is one of the factors that makes this brilliant and funny video ‘If Gandhi took a Yoga class’ such rich material. Whilst Gandhi was indeed an adept in all of the eight limbs of Yoga, he is best remembered for his work in Karma Yoga, or the yoga of action. By being deeply rooted in the practises of Yoga and schooled by many of the greatest Yogis of his time, like Shri Kuvalyananda of Lonavala and Pandit Shri Pad Damodar Satvelekar of Swaddhayay Mandal, he was able to become a vehicle for the liberation of many millions of people from oppression, whilst still maintaining the principle of ‘Ahimsa’, or non-violence.


The Yoga Day Summit explores the whole Yoga Phenomenon from its ancient roots in India, to the modern movement that is catalyzing a transformation in mind-body awareness. During the Summit, UPLIFT will present its #YogaForChange program where we will address both the challenges and opportunities of the Yoga Movement and will invite you to see Yoga in places you may not expect to find it.

Source:  Uplift Connect