by Guru Singh:  Spirit is a master of ‘multi-location’ of ‘super-positioning’ — a master of shape-shifting the illusion in which all Earthly matter uncooperatively struggles.


It shapes the physical body; fully understands your existential destiny; has a map to all your assignments, and holds this wisdom in the background every day of your life.

It’s your super-consciousness — your higher awareness — the key to everything in your world. But, the moment spirit enters the physical body; is born into four dimensions of spacetime’s existence, you lose this connection with these powers . . . they’re replaced by the compelling noise of your Earthly survival.

Bridging this predicament — reconnecting the ethereal and the material — this is easy for spirit, but the ethereal silence is no match for your Earthly clamor . . . your body’s senses rule life until death. Then the immortal spirit re-emerges in a field of endless opportunities . . . the same endless field you lived in all along. You see, you live in a multiverse, with its countless megaverses, holding endless universes, all offering boundless options and possibilities for you in every moment.

Spirit has the keys to every option of inhabiting any one of these countless worlds in any life. Then, with access to quantum mechanics, it’s also able to shape-shift your world of choice to meet any need or desire within each life. If only spirit had a voice; if only you were listening; if only when you heard this voice you were inclined to surrender to its wisdom . . . then it would be your guide through this realm; be your connection to higher consciousness, your awareness of your immortal self. This is your connection to time beyond time and space beyond all limits . . . when you have such a relation, anything and everything is possible . . . even miracles.

Our prayer is that you recreate this relationship with spirit; recreate a relationship with this ethereal silence within the material chaos; follow the guidance of this silence and arrive at your purpose — your destiny. Then make it your job to teach others the art and science of living this spirit-based miracle in a material world.

Guru Singh is a 3rd-generation yogi, master spiritual teacher, author & musician who teaches conscious living through Kundalini & Humanology.

Source: AWAKEN