by Julie Wood: Ok, confession number one: I manage an online yoga class site. So I admit, I’m a little biased… Awaken But believe me when I tell you I used to be a doubter! For most of my 25-year history with yoga, I loved going to the studio to practice. I reveled in my 90-minute classes and my life as a yoga teacher allowed for it. But then two big things happened: I took a job on the business side of the yoga world, an actual 9 to 5 sit at a desk kind of job, and then I had a baby. This combination rocked my world, suddenly flossing before brushing was a time consuming luxury, and my yoga practice began to look like yet another fond memento of my waning youth. But I knew this couldn’t be my fate! My yoga practice could not become some kind of passing phase in my life – it was intrinsic to my wellbeing! It had sustained me through untold crises and given me a direct line to myself when I needed it the most. This was especially important now with all the complications and stresses of being a working mom. FluidFrame IMG_9892 copy That’s when I decided to give online yoga a try. Though I’d had a strong home practice before life became impossibly hectic, now I really needed the structure provided by a class. Unfortunately the 3-hour structure of a studio class (90 minutes of yoga + driving and parking) was simply not on my new road map. So when I discovered that I could have a world-class teacher lead me through a 20-minute practice whenever I could squeeze it in from the comfort of my living room, it was truly life changing! 10 years into my yoga biz job and 4 years into motherhood, I manage to get to the studio about once a week – occasionally twice. But thanks to online yoga, I’m able to regularly add 3 additional classes from home and guess what? I have my yoga practice back. Yes, some of my online practices are on the shorter side (10-30 minutes), but I’ve proven to myself what I always told my students: It’s all about being consistent and feeling the Yoga Love. online yoga convert 2 Are you a doubter too? I challenge you to try online yoga on MyYogaWorks (the site I manage) and find out how great it can be. Just use the promo code  MYOFFER1 when you sign up and you’ll have 6 weeks to join me on the bandwagon before your monthly subscription kicks in. And I predict by that time, you won’t be able to live without it.

Source: Yoga Work Blog