by Guru Singh:  Light is found in two forms . . . waves and particles.  Waves are what we see and particles (photons) are invisible, but we can use them. 


There are photons of light throughout the cosmos wherever there’s a light-source, such as the sun at the center of our own star-system. When you tune in to your higher consciousness, your brain creates a direct connection with these photons through what spiritual masters refer to as your crown center. The crown center is governed by the pineal gland which gives you your sense of time, and time being enough . . . this is very calming.

When activated, the pineal gland is nurtured and stimulated by light photons — it literally feeds on light. You activate the pineal through deep meditation, dreaming and consciously focusing on and tuning in to your highest thoughts. This can be done in many ways . . . collectively . . . personally . . . you can do it outwardly, or silently, with little notice, or with great enthusiasm.

It’s what’s commonly referred to as devotion, and so often it’s assumed that devotion is a very calm and inward process . . . but great exuberance and enthusiasm can be devotion too. Because the pineal regulates your relationship with time, when you tune in and turn on this gland often enough . . . you become enough . . . and when you experience the sensation of being enough, you feel you’ve got all the time in the world . . . forever becomes just a moment.

This is very liberating. At such a moment you sense that you’re equal to anything you face . . . within this sense you are super-open to solutions. Situations that appeared like monsters, become your equals — become your partners . . . when your monsters become your partners, they’re your friends . . . you have no more monsters.

Our prayer is that you tune in to your higher self each day; turn on the pineal gland and use the sunlight (even in the clouds) to lighten your life . . . to shift your sense of time. When you do this, your monsters/problems become your friends, and solutions that seemed so far away, become just a moment away . . . then right here, right now.

Guru Singh is a 3rd-generation yogi, master spiritual teacher, author & musician who teaches conscious living through Kundalini & Humanology.

Source: AWAKEN