by Dr Nikki Starr Noce, MD: Life doesn’t happen to us, we make it happen…


We create our reality. It’s easy to find ourselves playing the victim role, “Why me?” And trust me, I’ve been guilty of this plenty. Even after fully understanding that I create my own reality, I still have moments where I think, “How did I get myself into this pickle?” And then I remind myself that the choices, lack of choices, failure of discernment, failure to listen to my intuition or whatever it may be got me into the situation.

The beautiful thing is that tools exist to allow us to be fully present and pay attention to the here and now so that we can create a life we love, create a reality we deserve.

Years ago when I was working in the hospital I didn’t know that I was magician, I didn’t know that I was powerful enough and had the ability to create an amazing life. Sure I worked hard and it paid off, but I thought I was lucky.

A series of epiphanies thanks to various practices, people, and information sources gradually woke me up. I realized I wasn’t lucky; I was creating my reality with my thoughts and my actions.

After realizing how the universe works, I decided to alter my reality for the better, and that’s when I changed my life. And I continue to do so everyday.

Any time I decide I’m not happy with something in my life, I choose to change it. I’m not going to just deal with it. Life is too short for that mentality. In no way, shape, or form will I ever settle or compromise when it comes to living a life full of passion.

There are several tools that provided me with clarity of mind and body function, along with strength, courage, motivation, and inspiration to live the life of my dream—a healthier, happier life full of excitement and joy!



The first gift that significantly changed my life was yoga. Yoga has this way of shifting my perception to see things through a different lens—a calm, centered lens. Everything is shinier and clearer after Yoga.

Yoga decreased my need to control things and life flows more easily when I practice regularly. Once a week aint gonna cut it! With more clarity around decision-making I can create my life circumstances. Not to mention how energized, yet relaxed I feel post yoga.

Next came meditation. Meditation is the tool that allows me to be my own therapist, to observe my thoughts and reactions. I once was a type A, alpha female brat, full of jealousy and the reactivity. Now-a-days, very few people and things get me stirred up.


Meditation allows me to observe my behaviors, and pre-meditation I was oblivious to the areas I needed to work on. Boy was it an interesting self-discovery process! All of the less favorable ways of existing, which often sabotaged my life from the goodness I deserved, began to subside when meditation became a daily practice.

Mental clarity, aha moments, and a sense of overall peace began to predominate my being. I became more aware of the present moment with less chatter from the monkey mind. Efficiency, productivity and creativity skyrocketed. I began to write from this new place of my being. I discovered new things about myself. I felt more inspired and joy filled from a place of serenity. All thanks to meditation.

You are what you eat. After obtaining a degree in nutrition, and altering my own eating habits, I realized that what I ate affected how I felt and behaved. Food impacts the vibration of our being, as does anything we consume. The molecules of the substances we eat become a part of us. And thus the foods we eat affect our ability to think, act, function, create, and they affect our energy levels.


You eat crap you feel like crap. You eat super foods you’ll feel super. Food is directly related to our motivation levels and ability to perform as well. You want to shine and be a star, pay attention to the foods you eat. Food is medicine—it can be the elixir of life, or the serum of death.

The last powerful tool that really plays a key role in creating our reality is our mind set. Our perception of the world based on our thoughts and the language we use creates our reality. If your mind is in the gutter your life will be. If you focus on the positive more goodness will come into your life. If you’re grateful even more goodness will make its way into your life.

You are not a slave to your mind, your mind is a product of your life conditioning, much of which you couldn’t control as a child and much of that time period affects who you are today. Now as an adult, you have the power to choose and rewire your brain. You can choose to shift into a positive mindset.

And yes there are other tools, wonderful life changing practices, and ways to live every day full of love, passion, and excitement, and I’d like to share the gems I have found with you!

Dr Nikki Noce M.D

Source:  AWAKEN