by Dr. Nikki Starr Noce, MD: Hey Nikki, I read your book this morning and it was a delight…


The main delight was seeing so many things that I believe in front and center in your book…  Sometimes I feel like a vessel for things to pass through…  The only downside to that is how many people refuse to mutate therefore they’re suffering… Human suffering is very prevalent right now and sometimes I wonder if it will ever stop..  Words from the optimist?

Human suffering is indeed very prevalent and is happening for many reasons.

It has become a material, masculine driven world. Though it wasn’t always like this. There was a time when peace and harmony existed with oneself, each other and the Earth. There is a way to get back there. And it’s already happening.

Conditioned from a young age, the masses believe that material possessions and the superficialities of existence determine self-worth. Conditioned to work hard, keep busy, go to college, accrue debt, find a high paying full-time job, get married, buy a house, buy a car, have children, only take 2-4 weeks vacation a year with only two days off per week, save up for retirement and so on, life passes by in the blink of an eye. Where is the creativity, spontaneity, inspiration and passion?


The predominate school systems teach children to conform to an acceptable norm and to become worker bees for large corporations and established social systems with very little percentage of return. Life becomes indentured servitude to pay back high interest debt accrued as a result of college, mortgages, car payments and consumerism. This vicious cycle continues because of the propaganda of commercials, advertisements, marketing and monthly man made gift-giving holidays. To feel included one must participate. There is no greater pain than feeling rejected by the tribe. Where is the freedom of choice? The freedom to play? The freedom to exist?

Moving to big cities and concrete jungles makes people feel they’ve made it and yet they continue on with robotic lives really feeling miserable. Stressed out, over worked, disconnected from Nature and bombarded with pollution, electromagnetic radiation and the feeling that nothing is ever enough. Dis-ease and sickness becomes inevitable. Self medication with alcohol and drugs that appears social becomes a natural state of being, along with a pill to decrease anxiety, a pill to go to sleep, a pill for this and that prescribed by a trusted doctor. What happened to the healing time spent with Mother Nature and being in cycle with the Sun? What happened to community and loving connection?


The bombardment of media in all forms keeps people in low esteem, thinking self-worth is based on number of likes and followers. Body dysmorphia occurs with editing and airbrushing of images. Cosmetics, beauty tools and plastic surgery causes many to want to change their looks to that which appears acceptable based on media. What happened to the realization that we are all unique and beautiful in our own way? Or the celebration of the miracle of DNA expression and the countless years of humans co-creating to birth the one-of-a-kind you?

Along with unhealthy environments comes unhealthy living, habits and eating. Food and sugar addiction is rampant creating depression and weight gain. Chemicals in cheap and ever abundant processed foods have taken over because of affordable costs and large marketing budgets causing fatigue, foggy mind and continued weight gain. The body becomes sick and life becomes less enjoyable, thus suffering ensues. Food is hoarded in supermarkets, many times thrown away, instead of given to those in need. What happened to the honoring and gratitude of all food, for food is medicine? What happened to giving and sharing?


Religion continues to divide nations keeps humanity oppressed. Shaming sex has caused pornography and sex addiction. Self hatred fueled by the belief that sex means love causing promiscuity leading to trauma and emptiness, to only continue the cycle of loveless sex with images of pornography leading the fantasies. What happened to reserving this sacred union with that of a beloved? What happened to the healing power of sex?

Indeed our Earth and the masses are in pain. There is much suffering happening around the globe. Though it can end. It is already happening. And it begins with the Self.

A conscious awakening is happening on the planet. We are now in the infancy of the next Golden Age where many people are awakening to their true Selves, awakening from the spell of a “power over” regime to a power within reality. The true Self is the part of us that came here with intention and purpose to make the world a better place, to be here in service and in harmony with all beings and the Earth.



Instead of continuing to abide by the illusionary rules of society, people are beginning to feel something isn’t right. They know that life should not be full of pain and suffering. They are turning within to be guided by the heart. It begins with this knowing that something isn’t right. A feeling of dissatisfaction with life. With a wanting for change, they seek help and are somehow guided or inspired by a person, place or some literature that awakens a dormant part of the Soul.

The first step is awareness. The awareness of what is without trying to control or change it. This awareness in a space of acceptance fuels empowerment without the need to enter into the role of victim. When victimization occurs healing can happen to facilitate the release of this pain. Though ultimately creating a new reality is a choice. Though not necessary, a conscious choice can be made to expedite this inevitable change from suffering to Love and happiness to occur. Releasing fear of the unknown is challenging, but the faith of a better tomorrow soothes the soul.


To create any change in society, it begins with the Self. Peace on Earth is possible and it begins with the Self. When we know Love and peace in our being we cannot feel hate or choose war. When we emanate love and peace, we affect those around us and we create change in the world. Mahatma Ghandi was a great example of this. We create change by inspiring others and by being the example.

Where to begin? A daily Self care practice creates a strong foundation as we embark on The Path to free this existence of suffering. It begins with caring for the body. It is the only vessel we have and it is connected to the mind. From eating real, healthy foods from the Earth and moving the body to finding time daily to do the things that nourish the soul. Many teachers and guides exist from Nature, Yoga, Meditation, Jesus, Buddha, to philosophies and practices that have been around for thousands of years and have withstood the test of time, to new literature, books and ideas. Spending time learning from those which inspire us will help to awaken us to new insights and facilitate the healing of suffering while welcoming in more Love into our lives.


Ending suffering on the planet first begins with ending suffering within ourselves. Countless healing modalities exist to facilitate the release of pains, traumas and wounds that are an inevitable part of the human experience. These pains, traumas and emotional wounds create anger, resentment, guilt, hate and all feelings that are not love. Healing begins before we are sick. Healing begins now. As we master our minds and work to release and heal these emotional wounds we end suffering and can begin to feel even more Love in our beings.


When we choose to forget our differences and instead focus on what unites us, the world will know peace. Human connection with vulnerability strengthens this feeling of oneness as does spending time in Nature.

Another way to facilitate the ending of suffering is to go back to the Earth. The remedy often resides in Nature. From food/plants to the healing rays of the Sun to the soothing sound of the Ocean. When we feel union with and care for Mother Earth and all beings and things we come to know peace and oneness.



The tribes and cultures that lived in harmony with the Earth knew peace and happiness. They were matriarchal societies too. Infusing more of the feminine essence of caring, giving and nurturing into our society will also ease suffering. And though war may have existed among native nations, mass killings and terrorism did not and the intention was never to kill, but rather to protect.

When we end punishment and choose to teach with Love, there will be less suffering in the world.

When we begin to truly love and care for ourselves we begin to feel even more Love and happiness. We are ultimately the creators of our happiness. Happiness comes from within. And feeling happy is rooted in feeling Love. Happiness is a choice.

When we choose to live a more conscious life realizing that every action and decision we make affects others, because we are all connected, we can’t help but want to help others. Humans are tribal beings we are here to connect and live in community with each other. When we feel this connection we can’t help but want to be of service to humanity and make an positive, lasting impact in the world.


When we help and give to others we know happiness.

There has been a rise in the number of people going into healing professions. Socially conscious and eco driven companies’ stocks are rising. Creating green companies and giving back is the trend with entrepreneurs. Self-help literature is one of the most popular and ever increasing genres. Innovation and our hearts will spark the creation of a more community-like, peaceful society. Remember to vote with your dollars.

Ultimately, any way to deify the heart and elevate Love in our beings will help to end suffering. Just as any practice, person or healing that reminds us of who we are before we became a product of societal conditioning and reminds us of who we came here to be will help to end of suffering.

When we realized that each one of us is special, a unique beautiful being here to share unique gifts with the world and that the world needs our special gift, we feel less suffering and even more inspiration. When we realize we are not a victim of our past but rather that every drama and trauma is a lesson in making us stronger, we feel less suffering and even more empowerment. When we understand that everyone is doing the best they can with that they have and we stop taking things personally, we feel less suffering and even more Love and compassion.


Remember my darling that The Path to end suffering is a process. Be patient. With the healing and release of suffering there may be pain, but it will pass as all things do. But just by having the awareness and setting the intention to live a more conscious, heart centered, service based life, suffering will begin to end and even more Love, joy, peace and happiness will fill your life.

As each person awakens and chooses a life of rooted in Love, this shifts the collective of humanity, and more and more people awaken.

Even if people refuse to “mutate” as you mention, they ultimately will, even in some small way, because we are all connected. There is much to go, but fortunately, it’s already happening.

May all beings feel love and compassion. May all beings be happy and free.

Dr. Nikki Noce MD

Source: AWAKEN