by Fu-Ding Cheng: What is a Power Journey?


In the Toltec shamanic tradition of Meso-America, “Power Journeys” are excursions to special spots on the earth that emit powerful energy that can be utilized for our own benefit. (They can be seen as acupuncture points of the planet.)  Shamans tap into these energies for creativity, healing, self-transformation, and personal freedom.

One of the most formidable of destinations in the Western hemisphere for Power Journeys is in the city of Teotihuacan where lie the giant pyramids of Mexico. For centuries, “Teo” was the artistic and scientific center of Meso-American culture. With immense power locked into its stones, generation of shamans have tapped into these energies of raw creativity for not only artistic ventures, but also for creativity in relationships, careers, entering other realms, and, ultimately, the designing and redesigning of one’s entire life. Teotihuacan means “the place where humans become Gods;” it was all set up for expansion and self-realization.

A Power Journey in “Teo” cultivates creativity through rituals and practices that allow us to escape the tyranny of reason by plunging us into our powers of intuition and heart. We see things. We feel things. For example, we perceive that the greatest experiences anyone can have––wonder, peace, gratitude, love––are all feelings. Teo allows us to marinate in these feelings, which can often shift our entire life.

For myself, personally, it was through Power Journeys in Teo (with don Miguel Ruiz, author of The Four Agreements) that completely woke me up from the “dream of the planet.” Nothing since has been quite the same. If I had to die right now, I’d die happy. Life well spent; I woke up. That is why I’m so inspired to share the experience with as many people as possible.

An Invitation

Toward this end, I am happy to announce that I’m leading a special Power Journey for Creativity in Teo this summer, June 16-20. As you may notice, our journey ends on the Summer Solstice, an auspicious time in an auspicious place, so the stars are lining up waiting for us all to find our personal freedom. It’s a trip that can truly be a life-changer. So be bold, and seize the opportunity to live the life of which you’ve always dreamed. I hope you can join us.

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Source: AWAKEN