by Serene MartinWhen I stopped believing in luck, I was no longer a victim of circumstance…


When I started looking for ways to celebrate each day no matter what happened, I was no longer trapped in my past memories

When I tried to transform the anger and fear I carried in my heart to acceptance and love, I began to breathe more easily

When I chose to eat clean, my body began to heal itself

When I followed my heart, making the right decisions came easily to me

When I accepted that everyone is on their own path no matter how much I may disagree with them, my own path lit up more clearly for me beneath my feet

When I gave up dwelling on things I could not change, more things started changing for me

When I chose to believe that all the right resources will show up for me when I needed them, they did

When I released the things that I no longer needed in life, I gained the experiences that I desired instead

When I believed with all my heart that the same force of life, which breathed life into me, was on my side, it empowered and protected me wherever I went.
When I was no longer ashamed to cry, my spirit was refreshed and cleansed by my tears

When I laughed at my mistakes instead of condemning myself for them, I learned from my mistakes more quickly

When I gave up making excuses for not being able to do things I wanted to do, time stood still so that I could pursue them

When I became selfish enough to be responsible for my own happiness, I stopped blaming the world for my misery

When I saw the world as an abundant place with a heart of gratitude, it started showing me how it could provide for me in ways I could not necessarily understand.

When I realised the answer was I, I started to change

Serene Martin is a transformational life coach, author and yoga instructor who coaches people from all over the world desiring breakthroughs in various aspects of their lives. Through a blend of practical and metaphysical strategies, Serene helps you unlock the potential you already have and lift you towards the greatest version of yourself. To learn more about her coaching or claim a complimentary coach session that will be available for a limited time, visit Serenity SecretsTransformational Life Coaching or email

Source: AWAKEN