Guru Singh:  In the world of the spiritual path — of awakening — there’s long been a tradition of teachers


. . . masters who’ve gone through the lessons and can show the way. Guru is a Sanskrit word, and like all words, it’s assembled from its syllables. ‘Gu’ means darkness — darkness in which there’s no light – like the conditions of ignorance and confusion. ‘Ru’ is exactly opposite, it means light in which there’s no darkness — zero confusion . . . the exposure and illumination of everything. Therefore the word ‘guru’ means to light the darkness . . . someone who teaches how darkness can be illumined . . . one who sheds light on your ignorance. A ‘guru’ is a teacher who teaches you to ignite the “light” — the wisdom inside you.

Devotion is a state without blocks, or barriers; when you’re without barriers, you absorb all the knowledge that’s available in a moment. Devotion is an ‘object-free’ quality — a state of being like faith and trust . . . it’s not directed toward anyone, or anything . . . it’s just a condition of surrender. A ‘Guru’ does not take you anywhere, a ‘Guru’ is a map maker who can enter your state of surrender and provide an example . . . they’re the map . . . you’re the witness. They ignite the master inside you. ‘

When you’re in a state of devotion, you have zero defenses, and therefore you absorb absolutely everything. Devotion in the presence of a ‘Guru’ absorbs the ‘Guru’s’ talents. The ‘Guru’ gives you nothing but the example to discover the mastery inside you . . . you parallel this mastery through your state of devotion. And if this delicate, sacred relationship is ever used for inappropriate advantage, there’s a huge karmic debt waiting for the teacher.

Our prayer is that you surround yourself with those who inspire you, and like the root of the word ‘inspiration’, let them guide you into your spirit . . . your light. Be open to the examples of these “Gurus” who’ve mastered this path, and use their examples to learn the art and science of surrendering to the light that’s shining inside you. They can show you your map; teach you to follow it; convince you that you’re a master . . . it’s up to your devotion to believe . . . the ‘Guru’ is in you.

Source:  Guru Singh