by Guru Singh:  When you recognize the main purpose of life is to simply experience the experience of the moment; to live in the moment of life in which you’re living;


to comprehend the sensations that are taking place, inside you and all around . . . you then realize that ‘free-will’ can access this, or disrupt it. It’s a riddle. Free-will is a unique human gift that’s also been a curse. With free-will comes the ‘opportunity’ for the ‘inability’ to focus, and this is a disruption . . . which can also be a blessing. Your instincts give you focus, but then your free-will gives you options.

The gift is that you’re not controlled by the focus of your instincts, and then the curse is that with too many options you lose your ability to focus at all. But then this curse can also be a gift, for with too many options you can wander through unresponsive times without making decisions that will lock you into the unresponsive times. This creates a sense of ease in the moments of challenge . . . something else will always appear . . . leading to events that are unexpected — even unimagined and other worldly.

The Buddha said that any emotion when experienced long enough will ultimately turn to joy. By the same wisdom, any lack of focus, if experienced long enough, will ultimately discover the true meaning of the moment . . . because physics requires that a solution is always somewhere. This is the very nature of the children who are being born in this moment.

The challenge for education is that it’s trying to educate the future with the known methods from the past . . . this is not a fit. The challenges of today that are leading to this future, are not going to be solved by the methods from the past. The children of today, who are going to lead you into the future, have to stop paying attention to your antiquated systems of education . . . this is their free-will taking charge.

Our prayer is that you’re a bridge amongst these future leaders; that in this process you link the generations that have gone before you with the generations coming after you, and as these links you become a strong chain to hold humanity together . . . the future is counting on you.

Source:  Guru Singh