by Baba Shuddhaanandaa Brahmachari:  We all create a magnetic field of energy around us based on our attitude and goal of life.


It is important that we discover the nature of this magnetic field, which is essentially our own true nature. The way to inner peace, the way to happiness, is through our own nature. When we accept our true nature, respect it, and then flow with it, our life is in balance. When we are aware and work with our true nature, we avoid creating unnecessary resistance. Our lives move forward more naturally and harmoniously.

We all travel through these natural states of the mind or gunas, as they are called in Yogic Philosophy. These natural states depend on the vibrational frequency or energy and the level of awareness of the individual seeker.

In Eastern thought, the gunas are defined as the three qualities of sattwa-purity, harmony; rajas-emotion, action; and tamas-inertia, darkness. In scientific research, scientists split the atom and find electrons, neutrons and protons. These are the basic blocks of the creative process, the fundamental elements, but the wonder of wonders is they appear to be representative of the three gunas: sattwa, rajas, and tamas. Stability and peace (sattwa), urge for action (rajas) and inertia or laziness (tamas).

We are all a mixture of these three energy states. When any one of these qualities is greater than the other, we experience disharmony and are out of balance. We think of a lazy person as a good for nothing. A hyperactive person is a menace, and a too good person is also a problem! Our challenge in life is to bring about a proportionate blending of the three so that our true nature in life is in balance and harmony.

The Key is to Be Awake and Aware

How do we do it? The key is awareness. To be alive is to be awake and aware. With awareness comes the balance and harmony of life. The key is to be aware of where we are in what part of the process in these various arenas of life. We, however, should never judge where we are or where we think another is. According to our individual nature, we tread one or the other path toward final unity. Everyone is unique and has his or her own path. But in order to understand ourselves more it is advantageous that we become more aware of which pattern dominates in our lives, as this self-knowledge can be most important in one’s day to day life, health, and relationships.

Source:  OM Times