by Ava Pendl: Communication – the human connection – is the key to personal and career success.” – Paul J. Meyer


It can be argued that your throat chakra is one of the most essential of all, connecting and bringing forth the ability to harness the use of the other six chakras. Without your voice and true expression, the health of the other chakras can fall away.

A balanced throat chakra can change the way you approach life and the way life responds back. The ability to express ourselves to others purely through ideas, beliefs, and emotions becomes an easy flow of energy and our capacity to connect with others and listen is strengthened. An unbalanced throat chakra may have you feeling doubt, lack of confidence, or misunderstood and can physically be accompanied by sore throats, stiff neck, and headaches.

From a young age, I often found myself struggling to maintain friendships and felt isolated from my peers. I suffered from constant sore throats, tension headaches, and migraines. I was at a loss for a way to cope. I had been feeling dormant in my career and unable to communicate to myself and others what needed to change in order for me to feel at ease and happy. What was wrong with me?

It was not until recently that I was able to understand and channel the power of my throat chakra to create a balance within my mind and spirit. I first approached the chakra system through yoga practice. My yoga teacher structured an entire class focused specifically on opening up our throat chakra through physical postures. The physical poses, or asanas, work to release stagnant energy from the body while activating and balancing fresh energy. As a vital element of our entire chakra system, the harmony of a stabilized throat chakra is revolutionary.

From the moment I focused my awareness on my throat chakra, I felt a physical and mental shift within me. It was as if I took an eraser to a chalkboard and removed a lengthy mathematical equation that had finally been solved. I felt empowerment and opportunity start to arise in my daily life and forged new connections with a network of people. My existing relationships grew stronger and even my physical ailments started to fade.

The biggest shift came when I began expressing myself through writing. I finally had the courage to launch my own blog and share my voice on a number of topics I am passionate about. Within a month, I was able to land two different writing and media gigs for organizations I was enthusiastic about. The awakening within me and moments that came from my ability to communicate, express my true self, and put myself out there were, and continue to be, uncanny.

There are a number of ways to open your throat chakra including singing, visualization, and aromatherapy. I like to start with a simple yoga practice since asana first guided me in the direction of balance. Here are three easy yoga poses you can try at home today to help open your throat chakra!

1.   Fish Pose – Matsyasana

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This is pose can be done supported or unsupported and is one of my absolute favorites. If you are taking the unsupported version, lift your pelvis enough for your arms to slide under your back. Clasp your palms together and begin to push into your forearms. With an inhale, lift your chest and your head away from the floor. On an exhale release the crown of your head to the floor. Depending on how high you lift your chest, the back of your head may be as far as you go.

If you are taking the supported version (my favorite!), place a yoga block between your shoulder blades at the mid-back. With your arms by your side, allow your body to fully relax into the posture.

2. Camel Pose – Ustrasana

Camel pose is not only great for your throat chakra, but your heart chakra as well. This pose allows us to be vulnerable and open to giving and receiving love. Start by kneeling on the floor with your knees hip width distance apart and a flexed abdomen. Place your hands on your lower back and shift your hips forward while gently bending backwards.

For full expression, once you are comfortable in your back bend, place your hands on your ankles and drop your head so your throat is fully exposed.

3. Supported Shoulder Stand – Sarvangasana

This inverted pose revitalizes your throat chakra through increased circulation and oxygen-enriched blood flowing to the brain. To start, lie on your back with knees bent and lift your hips so your hands can support your lower back. Begin to lift your legs and fully extend them above you, keeping your upper back firm and chin slightly tucked to protect your spine.

Wherever you are, close your eyes,. Breathe slowly, “I am consciously breathing in, I am consciously breathing out,” and visualize an oceanic blue light shining from your throat. Do these postures daily and embrace your true expression.

Source: Daily Cup Of Yoga