by Kalista: “The song is a channeled mantra, a transmission received from the luminous liquid light being, the Goddess of celestial waters, calling upon rivers of light and surrender to the infinite oceans of love…

Kee-Ele Water Temple from Kalista (Embodied Emanation Art)

Welcoming the Divine luminous grace to flow through our human realms” -Kira Kushnirova

“The visuals are in honor of the sacred feminine and her watery realms.  I pray for those at Standing Rock, Unity/Love Consciousness to emerge, and for beautiful Gaia.” – Kalista

Video Directed, Edited, & Embodiment Artistry by: Kalista

Music by: Om Allure/Composed and sung by: Kira Kushnirova

Music Produced by: Carmen Rizzo

Steel Drums by: Mark Drapkin

Video Executive Producer: Rahman

Video Produced by: She is Love

Source: AWAKEN