Guru Singh:  Graphene is a single (one atom thick) layer of hexagonally bonded carbon atoms.

Researchers have analyzed graphene and found that this matter — only five per cent the density of steel — is ten times stronger than steel.


They’ve also found, you can replace the carbon material with anything, it’s the geometry of the bond that’s the real determining factor. This research is demonstrating, if you introduce a particular geometry into any moment — no matter how vague a substance might be — you can produce a strong physical reality.

This is science proving the deepest visions of the great masters, prophets and avatars, who’ve all said: “Everything comes from sound.” Imagine the scriptures describing the origins of creation, “In the beginning was the word.” They are actually saying that in the beginning was a sound . . . just a sound plus [some] ‘particular’ geometry created everything. Think of your wildest dreams and your fondest ideas . . . since matter is ‘anything’ plus a sacred geometry . . . perhaps this geometry can manifest the sounds of your ideas.

This is what the masters, prophets and avatars all claimed throughout time. This is the alchemy they’ve described as pure physics and chemistry . . . the truer version of infinite prosperity . . . the unending abundance that’s always there. They’ve also said that the ways to create these geometries — to manifest anything out of nothing — is to believe; to discipline yourself into holding faith and trust, and do this right along-side your ideas, dreams, and hopes.

Geometry is a solution like an ‘other-dimensional’ form of water . . . built from ultra-faith; profound trust, and endless compassion. These teachings of the masters also say that the thoughts and actions, not holding these sacred geometries of faith, trust and compassion, are working against your ability for miracles. Earth needs your miracles right now.

Our prayer is that you realize you’re a miracle worker; that you discipline some time each day to develop this power; that you take your great ideas and work to manifest their rewards . . . like a freeze-dried miracle . . . just add water . . . you’re the solution.

Source:  gurusinghyogi