by Cindy Rollins: Scientists have found foods and listed some of the nutrients that play a major role in reducing depression…


and helps to maintain a balanced relation between our body and mind.

Some of the nutrients are very essential for our body, or even our body demands them for our natural growth. Researchers have found some correlation between the foods and the brain and listed some of the nutrients as top fitness tracker that plays a major role in reducing depression and helps to maintain a balanced relation between our body and mind. So, let us discuss the top six nutrients that are scientifically proven to boost your mood and contributes to increasing the overall health condition.

1) Calcium

Calcium is an essential mineral for a human body. It helps to maintain strong bones and healthy blood vessels in the human body and also reduce the chances of type 2 diabetes. If our body fails to get the required amount of calcium, we have to face the side effects of calcium deficiency that seemed to be found very common in women as compared to men. High-level calcium consumption in a human body may also help in reducing the PMS-related depressions. You can take collard greens, dairy products and kale in the breakfast to boost your mood before you start your day.

2) Iron

Iron may be found in different varieties of food but plays a major role in fighting against fatigue and depression. Iron is an essential mineral in our body that helps in transporting the oxygen to our body muscles and provides the required energy. Iron anemia is a common side effect of iron deficiency that found to be very common for women as compare to men. It is vital to consume required amount of iron as it helps to reduce the chances of mood swing and also helps to boost your mood. You can eat soybeans, oatmeal or turkey to maintain the iron level in the body.

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3) Magnesium

Magnesium is a mineral that helps to protect and maintain our health condition and also plays an important role in producing the omega-3 fatty acids. The side effects of magnesium deficiency are mood swing, irritability, mental confusion and depression, etc. Magnesium helps to create serotonin, which is an omega-3 type that helps to avoid mood swings and feeling of depression and helps us to feel happy.

4) Zinc

It provides us with a healthy immune system and protects our body from outer damage. Zinc also helps us to fight against anemia, feeling of depression and anxiety, loss of appetite and hair loss, etc. A diet with proper zinc helps to decrease the symptoms of depression and thereby helps to boost your mood and maintain a positive attitude. Cashews, king Alaska, Swiss cheese and roasted pumpkin seeds are the diet loaded with proper zinc and are essential for our body.

5) Vitamin B6

Vitamin B6 is the essential mineral that helps in producing the neurotransmitters, which circulates the message from the brain to the entire body. Vitamin B6 is the essential mineral that regulates our brain function which is mainly responsible for our emotions and attitude. The low percentage of Vitamin B6 in our body can cause mental confusion, short-term anaemia, weakened immune system and feeling of depression and anxiety.

6) Vitamin B12

Vitamin B12 is an abundant mineral that helps to create red blood cells and nerves in our body. The deficiency of vitamin B12 in our body can cause fatigue, feeling of depression, delayed response or even paranoia that are mainly responsible for mood swings and anxiety. Vitamin B12 also helps in receiving the signals from brain to the rest of our body that helps to boost our mood and to maintain a positive attitude.

Source: 33rd Square