by Ashlee Davis: We’ve all been haunted by our thoughts…



One second you’re present in the moment, moving forward, content, even joyful, and the next, a painful thought, fear, or limiting belief swoops in and destroys your good mood, steals your energy, and leaves you feeling lost, confused, even broken.

It doesn’t matter if these perpetrating thoughts are recent developments or deep-rooted manifestations in your mind, if they latch onto your consciousness, they can lead to many ruined days and/or sleepless nights. Let’s stop this downward spiral in its tracks.

If you’re feeling preyed upon by certain thoughts or memories, try this meditation for 40 days with the intention of letting go and clearing space to cultivate inner peace.

Kriya to Remove Haunting Thoughts

This kriya can be found in the I Am a Woman yoga manual.

  1. Sit comfortably in Easy Pose.
  2. Lower the eyelids until the eyes are only open 1/10th. Concentrate on the tip of the nose.
  3. In this process, you will be silently, mentally chanting “Wahe Guru.”
  4. On “Wa” mentally focus on the right eye. On “He” mentally focus on the left eye. On “Guru” mentally focus on the tip of the nose.
  5. Inhale, exhale and mentally say “Wahe Guru”.
  6. Inhale and bring to mind the encounter or incident which happened to you.
  7. Exhale and mentally say “Wahe Guru”.
  8. Inhale. Visualize and relive the actual feeling of the encounter.
  9. Exhale and again mentally repeat “Wahe Guru”.
  10. Inhale and reverse roles in the encounter you are remembering. Become the other person and experience their perspective.
  11. Exhale and mentally repeat “Wahe Guru”.
  12. Inhale. Forgive the other person and forgive yourself.
  13. Exhale and mentally repeat “Wahe Guru”.
  14. Inhale. Let go of the incident and release it into the Universe.

Comments: This self-guided meditation might take longer at first, as you get used to procedure. However much time you need, that’s how long it takes.

Source: Spirit Voyage