by Julie R. ThomsonThat’s a whole lot of protein…


There’s a reason your mom made you eat your peas when you were a kid.

This vegetable (which is actually a seed of a fruit, botanically speaking) might be small, but it turns out to be a nutritional powerhouse. Ever wonder how, exactly?

First off, they’re a good source of fiber.

Just a half cup of peas contains 4.4 grams of fiber. That’s even more than you’d get in a full cup of oatmeal. Fiber is important not only because it keeps you feeling fuller longer, but also because it lowers blood cholesterol levels.

Peas are a viable protein source.

Vegetarian protein isn’t always easy to find, but one cup of peas can boast nine grams of protein. That’s why protein powders are being made out of peas ― such as Naked Pea protein powder.

And they’re chock-full of vitamins.

We’re talking A, B-1, B-6, C, and an impressive serving of vitamin K (which is crucial for maintaining bone health). Just one cup of peas provides 40 percent of your recommended vitamin K intake.

Frozen peas are just as good as fresh, nutritionally speaking.

We’ll always be fans of the fresh ones that come around in the spring, but we’re ever so grateful that we can keep a bag of frozen peas in our freezer at all times. In fact, frozen peas are just as healthy as eating freshly-picked peas because they’re often frozen when just picked.

And as an added bonus, the frozen ones make a great, quick snack eaten straight from the bag. (Try it, you’ll see.)

Now, go eat your peas!