by Nicolas Zart: Although you won’t be too surprised to hear, not too many people know of PILPELED x FOFFA on this side of the pond (North America)…

but it’s noteworthy joint venture probably gives us one of the most elegant and well balanced electric bicycles (e-bikes) to date. Slim, elegant, straightforward, single-speed look and feel — cables, batteries, and everything else neatly tucked away — the PILPELED x FOFFA is performance wrapped up in eye candy. Indeed, you won’t believe it is electric!

PILPELED x FOFFA, Where’s the Battery?

The Israeli-based company Electric Concepts introduced its innovative ZEHUS smart wheel to the market a little while ago. Always on the lookout for next-generation e-bikes and similar technology, CleanTechnica spotted the ZEHUS smart wheel, which combines a smart electric motor hidden in an elegant and unique bicycle frame. And, indeed, I did the proverbial double-take the first time I saw it. Where is that battery, anyway?

The e-bike solution is riding on an ever growing trend, which, for once, I’m happy to say I’m very much in favor of. The “everything tucked away” look and feel is in and it is a pretty sight to behold. So far, I would wager that the PILPELED x FOFFA is one of the top contenders, if not currently the top when it comes to clean lines, everything being tucked away, and single-speed commuters. It certainly is a looker that fits that bill.

Perfectly balanced in a simple and elegant way, this no-frills, no-amenities, nor extra fluff e-bike is as pretty as it is efficient. It is potentially the perfect e-bike commuter. One look at the PILPELED x FOFFA and you can see it is a straightforward e-bike you would enjoy riding fast, dodging traffic quickly.

Perfectly balanced, with its clean lines and elegant looks, the PILPELED x FOFFA has no unnecessary visual stimulus, nor gimmicks to keep you hooked. It is a straightforward e-bike designed to be enjoyed riding fast, in between traffic, simply having fun again.

PILPELED x FOFFA achieved this design idea when they started to use a classic single speed FOFFA bike. By playing around with the initial concept, they began to couple it to a smart electric wheel. And although the ideal electric urban commuter wasn’t yet born, it was well on its way.

Today, the PILPELED x FOFFA proves the team’s secret recipe pays off. The PILPELED x FOFFA’s foray into the e-bike world is expanding, with the company just announcing it joined forces with the MOULTON bike company and will soon release its e-MOULTONedition. More to follow on that topic soon, we hope.

Pilpeled x Foffa E-Bike

Overall, it didn’t take much for the team to see they had a winner in their PILPELED x FOFFA concept. Kudos for designing a stunning regular-looking electric bicycle and fitting a battery and electric motor subtly and discreetly into the body. In fact, according to the company, the first FOFFA black edition was such a success that it decided it needed to be electrified. That’s how the whole project got started. At that point, they reached out to PILPELED, which then quickly came on board, and the rest is history.

FOFFA negotiated the tricky part of using PILPELED’s design and integrating onto the FOFFA frame. In order to do that, FOFFA used laser-cut stencils to fit the battery pack and other components inside the frame. This also had an added benefit of making sure the fine details of the work wasn’t lost in the electrification of the bike.

While PILPELED x FOFFA might not have invented the pure clean look on their own, they certainly have put out a stunning example of one. The PILPELED x FOFFA certainly does a great job at showing an electric bicycle can look clean, have a lot of performance, and be highly desirable.

The “all hidden and tucked away” trend lately is a good thing, as it makes e-bikes look even more enticing to those wanting a discreet, good-looking e-bike, but without the fluff and flashy things on them. The PILPELED x FOFFA is the elegant, cleancut solution for those with more sensitive e-bike tastes.

Pilpeled x Foffa E-Bike

Source: Clean Technica