by Barnet Bain: From time to time I am asked what makes a conscious or spiritual movie?

I would love to hear from anyone who can offer an answer. Until then I hope this will do. For all of us learning to practice conscious living, do movies reveal a clue?

Here then, some clues to transformation I found in the dark.

From ACTION HEROES I get what it means to live every moment as if it is my last. To be engaged, involved and committed to a cause. To participate with honor. And the importance of get-up-and-go.

LOVE STORIES unfold in enchanted pockets of gracious giving and receiving. They foster my compassion for the loss and hurts of others; physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. Very different from opportunism and entitlement. They tease open my heart and mind.

SPACE OPERAS AND SCI-FI help me see past the world of form. Beneath the veneer of every alien civilization and dimension await shared universal tests. How do I make a difference? What maps do I make to ease the way for myself and others? To be More. Live more. Stretch more. Forgive more. And what am I prepared to move beyond (or leave behind) to access the Force within. To go boldly into the unknown.


Director Barnet Bain is truly an inspiring individual! In the image above, is a quote from his book, “The Book of Doing and Being: Only through creative acts can we rise above our conditioning”, and Barnet hard at work.

From DRAMA I connect with the feelings of others. How do I deal with my own relationships: my spouse, children, friends, boss, colleagues? With myself? Higher Self? God/Goddess/All That Is? When I can recognize myself in another person it increases my response-ability.

COMEDIES always force me to wonder why I take myself so seriously. Funny movies remind me to laugh. To find humor in the frantic dance I do for love without remembering I am loved all along. To shrug off my mistakes, and lighten up.

HORROR MOVIES AND WAR FILMS have lots to reveal about what is dark in me as well as what is light. Often pointing to judgments or emotions that are not fully conscious, or that I deny altogether. Movies that arouse strong feelings of antipathy are a sure sign of resistances, fears, and blockages to love that persist below the waterline of my awareness. What I resist persists.

Source: miltons secret