by Gloria Kopp: For some students, college is the first taste of real freedom…


You can get up when you want, do what you want when you want, learn at your own pace, there are no curfews, and you get to eat what you want. However, no that you’re out of mainstream education, there’s no physical education classes and, for many of us, that was the only exercise we had.

Keeping fit in college is the key to happiness, productivity and for keeping us sane and ensuring our physical well-being. Stuck for ideas on how to this? Don’t worry, scroll down and I’ll show you how.

Figure Out a Routine

For a college student, it’s so easy to live day to day with any real care in what you’re actually doing. One day you might be having breakfast at midday and 24-hours later you’re only just waking up. “If you’re looking to stay fit and healthy, as well as organised and living with minimal stress, figure out a daily routine to stick to”, – says Charlie Bell, a Yoga instructor at Academized.

Not only will this ensure you have clean clothes to wear, food in the cupboards to eat and a good maintenance of personal hygiene, you’ll also find time to keep fit and exercise. This means going to bed at proper, relatively set times, getting up on time and eating meals at consistent times of the day.

Sleeping When You’re Supposed To

Sleeping is a vital part of life. After all, we are mammals and not owls, bats or other nocturnal animals, so that means sleeping when it’s dark. From a scientific point of view, our bodies have adapted to shut down certain parts of our system at night and produces chemicals to help ‘sort out’ our bodies while we’re supposed to be asleep.

If we’re awake during the nights and sleeping during the day, you can be sure that you’re going to feel groggy, pull down and, eventually, you’re almost 100% guaranteed to get ill. You might find the odd night out when you’re trying to finish a deadline or going out with friends here, and there won’t make a difference but don’t make a habit out of it.

Eating Proper Food

As students on a tight budget, you may feel very inclined to eat ready meals, take away food or just generally snack throughout the day. Donald Manley, a Pre-health advisor at Big Assignments: “Unfortunately, as much as this is tasty, it’s really really bad for our bodies, and you’ll soon notice you’re feeling tired all the time, not sleeping properly and you’ll almost certainly gain weight, leading to more health problems.”

As a rule of thumb, make sure you eat the recommended 5-6 portions of fruit and veg a day as well as drinking a minimum of 2-litres of water. Also, make sure you have proper meals and proper times, that’s breakfast, lunch and dinner and try to avoid snacking at odd hours. Snacks usually consist of chocolate bars and crisps. As a treat once in a while this is okay, just not every day.

Avoid & Reduce Stress

Stress is one of the biggest diseases that we have humans face, and it’s so difficult to avoid. Although it’s solely dependent on the individual, it’s so easy to get stressed over everything. However, there are several ways to bring down those stress levels, keeping you chilled out relaxed.

Complete Your Work Early

It’s so easy to procrastinate. One of the biggest stresses that students face is putting off assignments until the last minute when you have to do a mad rush, all-nighter to get it done. However, if you’re set an assignment, get it done as soon as possible. Even if it takes a couple of days. If you’ve got a month deadline and you get it done in the first couple of days, you can simply forget about it until the hand-in resulting in no stress and loads of time for yourself.

Understand That Nobody’s Perfect

It’s easy to judge yourself negatively. It’s even easier to get all caught up in all your work, overthinking things or to get stressed out and upset over an exam you scored lower than you thought you would. “Instead of thinking of it negatively, if you thought you could do better, use it as a milestone that next time, you’ll put even more effort in. Use these situations to inspire and motivate yourself”, – says Rose Hancock, a psychologist at Oxessays.

Final Thoughts

College is such an exciting time if you do it right. Starting college isn’t a reason to neglect yourself or your body and keeping healthy will ensure that you have such a better time! Always be open to opportunities and, most importantly, have fun!

Bio:  “Gloria Kopp is an educator and a college adviser at Best British Essays. She regularly writes case studies for her columns at Huffingtonpost, Microsoft, Assignment Help, etc. Besides, Gloria is an author of Studydemic blog where she writes her educational guides for students.”

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