CableLabs just released a cool short film called The Near Future: A Better Place that explores how emerging technologies in healthcare will transform our daily lives…

A substantial percentage of the population worldwide is over the age of 60, and it will dramatically increase in the next two decades. This really underscores the importance of healthcare advancements, and connectivity is the underlying component that will power the emerging technologies that can transform our daily lives, such as IoT, telemedicine, intelligent agents and new sensors. For example, Cookie – the little robot AI Agent in the film is an in-home companion that provides social interaction, around the clock monitoring, as well as a direct interface with the complex system of care at the hospital. With this short film, CableLabs wants to inspire you and the entire tech and healthcare industry to help make this vision a reality in the near future.

Synopsis: The future of tech is amazing. And what’s even more incredible than the creations themselves, is what they make possible. Take a look at tech that will truly change the way we connect and interact with one another and the world around us. It’s not what we create, but why.

Source: Singularity Web Blog