2017 North America Total Solar Eclipse Close-up Real-time…

During the Great American Eclipse, photographer JunHo Oh captured this incredible close-up 4K footage of totality in real time. You can see a great deal of detail on the moon’s surface and in the Sun’s corona.

The footage was captured from Warm Springs, Oregon, using a 2160mm f/12 telescope, a Panasonic GX85, and a RST-150H robotic mount by RainbowAstro to trace the edge of totality as it occurred.

“RST-150H weighs only 3.5kg (7.7 lbs) but carries up to 15kg (33 lbs) of optical equipment without any counter weight,” the creator writes. “RST-150H mount is specially programmed to trace Sun’s peripheral during total eclipse period to match C2 and C3 contact moments.

“This allows us to catch breath stopping moments of Sun set and rise over the Moon’s horizon.”

Here’s a second video showing a zoomed out view of the same thing:

 Source: petapixel