by Amanda Nix:  The design of our society ensures we experience a level of separation and disconnection.


When ever you find yourself in a low, dense vibration where your mind lacks clarity and your physical body reflects your inner feelings; remember a simple step out in nature can help positively transform everything.

negativeIon-awakenTry to breathe in and absorb the fresh vibrant goodness nature emits; it is not only good for your mental clarity but if you’re willing to receive, you can experience real healing as well.

I try to make it a point everyday to get some time out in nature. I find that it helps clear the mind of the tangles and static so that one can ground and see things from a new fresh perspective.

Places like natural springs, where there is constant running water, release something called Negative Ions. Don’t get the name confused, those little Ions help balance us back to a grounded space when one may feel intoxicated with all the Technology and Cell towers that are so prevalent in our day.

butterflys-awakenThere’s a great video exploring these ideas. Eckhart Tolle explains the true power of silencing and observing ones surrounding to fully access the unlimited potential of our mind. We can use nature as a tool for expansion and connection.

When we are able to genuinely create a connection with the Earth, connecting with one another integrates into our reality. At that point it’s a no brainer – connection is abundant in all our interactions and with that basis – we can all change the world.

Nature is sacred, try to empty out the mind and be alert in your presence, And don’t be afraid to get your feet dirty!


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