Yogi Bhajan: Next to God, tonight we are going to discuss the woman.


A very fortunate and unfortunate subject which is the core of any unfortunate experience a man can ever have. And it is a source of bliss which man can enjoy. I will try to relate to the basic scriptures and shall explain to you how it works in your life. And if you have decency to understand it and its basic need, it may demand a change in your life, then perhaps it can help you. (?).

(Speaks in low voice with students)

It’s all right? I think this is a normal procedure, then it should be tested before you can do the (?). One little machine cannot be handled, how can the machine of the whole life can be handled.

Okay, that’s all right. Now if you want to really know the depth of this word Woman, it is actually a wo-man. Every man enjoys his ecstasy into his opposite polarity and therefore woman is the opposite polarity of the man and take off ecstasy he addresses her as woman. When I am going to talk to you, you might have some misunderstanding, I know the woman has been exploited, she is a sex symbol. She is just a mother (?) and she is this and she is that. I am not trying to relate to the size of the exploitation and negation through which a woman has gone and I am also not (?) with the woman, in the sense, that she divorces the man for the sake of money, she sells her body for the sake of money, she does not have any morality, ethics and she does not know that she being a mother can go up to the brave with the all misfortune as you (?) to buy anything commitment and once she commit her body, that’s the highest ditch she can go through and she cannot stop herself. So neither I am favoring the man tonight nor the woman, but I am going to give to the, go to the classic ideal woman and I am explaining what a woman is, in her all four dimensions, and what she should be. So don’t misunderstand (?), just judge it by your own knowledge and your own meditation, how you feel about it.

If you spell word, woman, you know in the beginning there was a word, word was with God, word is God. You will write how? W, o, man. So W, o, man. Oh man double of you, is woman. That’s what it is. So the problem is hardly there is yet any man who is not born out of woman, so we cannot relate to woman in any other form or something very near and dear to us. In relationship as a mother, in relationship as a wife and relationship as a partner, polarity, in every walk of life, if you sit down and analyze your life, without woman you do not exist. You cannot exist.

I here, I want to cover this subject, so those celibates who talk against women, and they thought woman is no good, woman is this. That crazy period came in spiritual life of those spiritual cowards who couldn’t handle women. So they laid down as a rule, they ran away, they say it is easy to handle God than to handle a woman. So I think you will not give very much importance to that stuff.

In history of Guru Nanak, Maschindranath talked to him, “That you have such a powerful spirit and light around you, but you are married, how can that be?” So Guru Nanak asked him, first time he used a hard word. Oudhu. A man with a donkey consciousness. Such a great Guru, Maschindranath was known as the highest yogi who could realize God and all that. And then Guru Nanak called him Oudhu. He said, “Oudhu oh donkey conscious man, you are slandering your mother which is a woman, you are born out of woman and you talk against woman. What has gone wrong with your union with God? What has gone wrong with you?”

So that was a very typical time when this messenger of God took a very extreme positive step to make realize the man, how important in one’s life a woman is. And it is very important. There is no fulfillment without it and a woman in your home can suck you out in three minutes and she can inspire you to be divine in two minutes. Now what kind of woman we are seeking? Who should look beautiful, her face should be beautiful, she have more inherited money, or she is educated, she can support herself, or she is dumb and very play type and all that stuff. Everybody has different ideas.

In scriptures, woman has been divided into four dimensions, four sections. First is Hansini, or swan is the symbol. Second is the Mrigni, the deer is the symbol. Third is the Shutharni, horse is the symbol. Fourth is the Hathni, elephant is the symbol. They have divided very minutely after huge study of civilization, woman, civilization, into four parts.

Now about the swan as a woman. She is clean, clear, beautiful, knows what is right and wrong, unpolluted, white. Swans are white and she swims in the ocean of life without wetting her feathers. Most beautiful person, the very glance of her adds inspiration, very sincere, perfect in every way known and unknown to the man. So much so scripture says, what to talk of marrying her, if a man only passes in her company for few minutes, his total consciousness changes. That much is the effect of this woman. She’s positive, and in her company, doesn’t matter what relationship you have towards her, in her company, the man should immediately become positive. The scriptures goes to the extent that if a man is totally, miserably negative, word is very miserable, hopelessly negative. And if he happens to be fall in the company of a woman who is of this category, with few words and conversation, he will feel back his manhood and his personality, she is so inspiring and so delightful.

So now you will be asking me where that woman is, oh that woman is here still. Woman is a woman always. Sometime we do not look to her, because our eyes are blind because of certain lustful fact, lustful, sensational exploitarily vision. We do not look in women. I have found very few men in my study who look at a woman as a object of grace, symbolically. When we look at a woman, we look how we can grab her, how we can possess her, how we can eat her away and how we can exploit her and blah, blah, blah. It is such a terrible thing in our consciousness as many times, believe me, but when you go and sit back in your living room and you are going to sleep tonight, in bedroom, my words will hit you back. That’s what you all do. I am a man myself don’t think I am too pro woman. But I am telling you, that’s what we think.

Moment you see a beautiful man, that should immediately make you appreciate God, O God Lord, what a beauty you have created on this earth. No, that’s not the attitude. You immediately want to, hey, she becomes my friend, that and this, all that stuff. It is the same tendency of that child, who sees a beautiful rose plant and then he sees a beautiful rose, all he wants to is pluck it. He doesn’t want to appreciate it. Pluck it, smell it and then rub it, spoil it and throw it on the ground that tendency of that child and that of a man who sees the beauty in the woman.

Scriptures say, if one wants to see the total creativity of the universe in beauty, he can see in the face of a Hansini. This category of woman is so representative of God, beauty, that in her faith, in the glow of faith, the whole genius of God, creativity can be felt or realized.

Well, the second comes, the Mrigni, the symbol is deer. You know these little deers in the nature, they run around. And they add beauty to it. They are vegetarians, they do not bother anybody, they jump around full of energy, full of nature. They make you feel something light and higher. That is a very creative symbol, if you can relate to in wilderness, when you find a deer running around, you find a very soothingness, very natural effect towards the creative energy of the divine and God. Such women, scripture says, are helpful, inspiring, energetic and highly innocent. They are very innocent, very innocent and you know the total Divinity is the sum up, sum up of total Divinity is the innocence of the man. So they are very innocent people, very inspiring, very beautiful, almost far out.

Then you go further in this category, to the third category of the woman, Shutharni. The symbol is horse. When they are wild, they are very, very wild, but when they are tamed, they are best friend. They take away all your load, make you feel lord, make your journey very light, very safe, they really work for you. You end up getting credit, they end up with getting work for you. But when they are wild, they are very wild, and you have to little hassle and sweat to get to them, and they do not trust you in the beginning. Once they become your pet, then you go on loading anything, they don’t care, they feel this is their fulfillment.

Last comes the woman, the Hathni, elephant. The wisest animal among the animal kingdom is elephant. Elephant goes by his own trails, does not adapt any normal path, eats all the time, does his own thing. Only wants the mate, when she wants to mate, have the babies and totally devote her attention into the baby and throw away all the males out of the herd, you know, elephants, they don’t like the males in the herd when they are not in the mating season at all. Male has to run around separately. So such women are, first of all, they have all the attention just to get out of the man, the sperm, moment the child is born, they put all attention in the child, male may go anywhere, they don’t care. That is a basic attitude in which she goes. And in this situation, the man deals and wheels his life.

Hathni is a woman who is very self centered, almost neurotic to her own needs, what she wants, she wants right now, and wants all the attention to be focused at her because she is not that beautiful like first three categories who by nature and grace are beautiful. Therefore, she is aware of that weakness and she’ll try to draw all attention.

So these are the four categories available in the scriptures which men through all from the cave age up to this time have found out. Now question is, what is our modern woman? That’s most important. Our modern woman is a woman who wants to be a man. Totally insecure and totally afraid to be exploited at every moment. That is our modern woman. And what is our modern man? He looks at a woman as a equal physical partner and deals with her just as a business deal. Honey, I kiss you, therefore you should kiss me. I gave you ten dollars, then should you cook my food, blah, blah, blah. He does not know that she is the polarity in which he can find satisfaction. And woman in her own mood, unfortunate it is that she, through any surgical operation, very hard for every woman to become a male. Almost it is impossible. But in her wish, she is trying her level best to be as ugly as man is. She does not know, that every man has to shave in the morning to keep his cheeks little soft and look like her, when she is naturally granted this perfect beauty, and she can create another man in union with the man, whereas man has no capacity by himself. And looking at the relationship of male and female, you have very deeply to understand, your whole life, in spite of the marriage and divorce, in spite of the fact of like and dislike, in spite of the fact you are positively and negatively, somehow, every life of the male will end up in a woman and every life of woman will end up in a man. Because this is how it works. Opposite polarities must find a neutral. So every woman must find a male. And every male must find a female, in polarity.

Now question is, if that is a must and we have to find that, why there is a divorce. Divorce happens in two cases. Where man is immature, and he is like a baby, he is afraid to take the responsibility of the partnership. That’s one. And second is, when a woman, newly married to a man wants to be a mother. Mother control. These are the two basic structural things in the human behavior which brings a divorce. Insecurity on the part of any partner towards the relationship and second the pattern of the mother instinct in the woman. Woman has a most powerful instinct in her, that’s the motherhood. And sometimes, she gets so much crazy that she forgets the guy she is dealing with, is a man she is married to, and he is not a baby. So she starts babying him and that mess up the whole thing.

Lastly, there is another problem. And that is, the inborn. Sometime the couple lays a total security of their total existence which should be total understanding between the two and use the poor newborn as the ground of security, which is a human tragedy. Now question is, male and female relation is a necessity for any expansion of the man. But misfortune part of it, if the behavior is not totally understood and totally recognized, and the foundation work is not done properly, anything else in human life is just useless game. It is so important.

What is a Yog? When the finite polarity finds the merger with the Infinity in polarity, the neutral stage of bliss or Anand is yog. And what is Bhog? When a individual polarity find the neutrality in opposite polarity of the male and a stage of neutrality is reached which is a state of bliss, they call it also Bhog, and there also Divinity or the supreme consciousness is achieved. So it is not… I believe sincerely, you may not agree with me and I am not telling you to agree with me at all, I believe a good God conscious woman can turn a great evil person to be divine. I definitely believe it, and I know, it is a miracle. But I also believe a insecure nagging wife can make a great saintly man to look like an idiot. I also believe in that. So God save the king, king is dead. God save the woman, woman is divine. And if she is not, then better forget about it. There is hardly any chance.

So I have explained to you, the four forms of the woman, her nature, her faculties, her polarities, the relationship which we go through, as well as the inborn and how we deal with it. Now question arises, how can we find a solution in our life where we can find happiness in our relationship between male and female. That is what my subject is tonight and I am going to work on that. I do not care how far we can achieve it, but I know we all can achieve it.

Therefore, I will give you about five, six minutes, or ten minutes of rest if you want. Fifteen minutes up to nine O’ clock. You can talk about it and chew about it. But don’t gulp it what I have said, I have said very heavy thing. You may not even relate to it, what I am talking about. But woman has a relationship with elephant, why? These are symbol as in zodiac time we have certain symbols to relate to certain characteristic, that is what the ancient Indian wisdom has done to us, a very useful thing. And when you are a psychologist or a sociologist and you want to live in the society and know the patterns of the individual towards the society and society effect on the individual, you got to know these fundamental ancient thought. And you can reject them and accept them at your convenience of accepting or rejecting.

Then after fifteen minutes, I like to do a meditation today with you which is a part of the white tantric yoga. But I will not do it as a class of the tantric, I will do it just as a Kriya. Because you will sit with that in closed eyes, though I am pleasant, I will not like sometime out of your madness you may start sitting with any partner, put eyes into eyes and have a weird experience sometime.

You must understand, sometime you have misunderstanding that the tantric yoga is a science of sex. That’s not true. Unfortunately tantric yoga is a science of total divine and self, when it is a white tantric. When you want to just accelerate yourself into energy, then it’s a red tantric where the rituals like blood and all that is used, which we do not use at all and neither we know and nor we care to know about that. That’s the red tantric. And the black tantric which is one of the most weird thing ever the demon man has known and they found it out is to cause self or personal exploitation and hypnotism, that is black tantric. Unfortunately, it is the power of the white tantric to cut off all the spells. They don’t work. Any person ever in life if he has done any Kriya of a white tantric yoga, red tantric spells and black tantric yoga spells cannot work on that man. This is one fundamental guarantee. That is why when I found the men are very happy, and women are very sometimes, very, very insecure and the understanding is very remote among the people and, you know, people are very superior in this country. That is the tragedy. They are seeking. They want happiness. They want to know the technical know-how, they want to be beautiful, but, there is a big but, but at their terms.

So that is a kind of thing which we thought is not workable. We started giving this tantric yoga courses and we have found tremendous success, tremendous success. Patterns of life changed, understood. They understood the very basic of male and female relationship and we have, we have so many beautiful things to remember. So much so, if you take the issue of the beads truth on this summer solstice and you read those hundreds of positive moments which people have said while doing the tantric course, they are eye openers. They are eye openers and they are I think the best documents which on such a study can ever be produced. So don’t misunderstand man does need technical know-how to inspire himself to the total understanding of a stage of neutral bliss where man can thoroughly understand the woman. And woman can understand the man. By living his life of insecurity, by living a life of greed and grab, no woman can reach to a man. And by living a life of exploitation, and selfishness, no man can ever enjoy the bliss in a woman. It is very essential for us to start living clean and clear so that on this earth, we can experience heaven and we will not have to die and go to heaven to see the ice cold rishis sitting with loincloth and turning their beads. That’s a far out imagination. When you go in heaven, you will be just sitting on your own refrigerator. You will not like it. And neither you long to sit and meditate on the stove, that is the hell.

So my dears, tonight, I will like you to understand one thing. Let us not go to hell and heaven, let us create the very beauty and heaven here, through our own experience of contentment, joy and happiness. In my life you have the right to ask me a personal experience that is how it works. I have never slaved myself to any situation. But I have never in my heart has ever been disrespectful and disregardful of any woman. I have yet to see if any woman can control me but I am yet to have not experienced a moment, when out of the remote thought, I have been disrespectful man to any woman. And I think if you all can ever find such a state of consciousness, you all will be very happy. I want to make a commentary on that. Don’t misunderstand the women have not made me miserable. They have tried their best. And also don’t misunderstand me, that women have not helped me. I have lived in a state of situation where many times my life is dedicated to those great women who really sacrificed and suffered to see that I am protected and I am alive. And also, my life and my this education, and my neutralism, is dedicated to those women who did every demon act to see that I do not exist in physical. So I had quite a pity experience rather. And specially when I came to Canada in Toronto and I came in the early years I mean, in United States of America, I had a very rough experience and very hard time. It is greatness of those yogi hunting women, who wanted to lay numbers on all the yogis and they had a…

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YB: Okay, you have now decided with whom you are going to sit and now in one, two minutes it will be very good of you, if you take a chance that way. Okay, come on, let us sit down. Come on, come on, sit with your partners opposite to each other in a very, very beautiful lane, single line straight as arrow is. As much beautiful you are, therefore your line should be that much beautifully straight, that’s what all I mean.

Source:  Yogi Bhajan