Q: Would you explain the blending of the auras?


Yogi Bhajan: When a man and woman have intercourse, their Yin and Yang energies merge, and their auras blend; it is a purification. The two people become a different third person.

A woman is especially sensitive to the blending of auras. If she blends her aura with one person here and another there, her aura is imprinted, and she cannot hold on to her identity. Her energy is very sensitive, and this merging of auras can have a very destructive effect on her. She can become emotionally weakened. This is very prevalent in our culture.

For woman, sexual freedom should not mean sexual exploitation; it should mean sexual preservation, choice, and reverence. On the other hand, if there is love, commitment, and respect between the two people, intercourse can have a very positive effect on her. She will feel creative, expansive, vital, and secure.

Q: As a woman, what can I do to lose the imprints of past partners?

A: Everyone has an arc line—call it the aura. But a woman has an additional arc line between the breasts. Ordinarily the imprint of every sexual relationship a woman has is never erased from this arc line. However, if you do Sodarshan Chakra Kriya it can definitely clear the imprint(s) out. This meditation has been done for the last 3000 years. It will also help you.

Q: I want a relationship with a man, but my fears have been sabotaging me. How can I overcome this fear?

A: If you want to get rid of your fear of men, then do 31minutes of long deep breathing. Although it may take a little time, it will heal this subconscious block.

Q: What is the impact of stress on sex, and what can we do to have good sex under high stress?

A: Fill a tub with warm water up to the navel point. Remember the water should not be too hot or too cold. Sit in the tub and do 15 minutes of Sat Kriya. Then lie down in the tub and relax. Afterwards come out and you will be able to enjoy sex. It works.

Q: Is there a best time of day to have sex?

A: Avoid sex between 3 am and 6 am. Because of the position of the sun with the earth, it is a very sensitive time of day. Avoid sex within three hours after eating, after physical exercise, when the woman is deeply menstruating, when you are under stress, and when you are not in a secure place. Any other time is fine. It should not be done in haste and worry. You must be brought to the point that you relax and thereafter sleep.

Q: Should a man try to preserve his semen?

A: When we feel we are hungry, we feel we are supposed to eat; so when we feel passionate, we feel we are supposed to have sex. That’s what sexual love has become today. Man loses the sense of value and self-respect. When you do not value the seed, what do you value? A farmer who does not care for the quality of his seed, nor for the quality of his land, and does not care to preserve the seed, or sow it in a proper line, do you call him a good farmer?

Q: Then what can he do about horniness?

A: To feel horny is not a sin or wrong, but if one knows how to invoke the meditative mind, which raises the energy up, one can become totally creative. Horniness on the physical plane can manifest as sexual intercourse; on a subtler plane it can manifest as creativity. It is the same energy, used differently in different body centers.

Q: When men and women approach middle age sometimes they experience a decline in sexual desire. How can this best be dealt with, both physically and emotionally?

A: Sit together back to back and do Sat Kriya. Centuries of experience have proven couples remain together, very successful. It is also useful for couples going through calamities, indifference, and unstable environments. Two spines joined together in Sat Kriya can do wonders. I wish you all the success.

Q: I have read that the Kundalini energy flows up the chakras in a spiral motion. When the energy goes down, does it also do so in a spiral motion?

A: Yes, that is the route it takes. If the flow is free and open, it is great, but the problem is if the flow is limited or blocked, then the energy is only for maintenance. To keep the Kundalini energy in a rhythmic flow and allow it to settle properly in the chakras, Sat Kriya is the best.

Q: What about sex during pregnancy?

A: This is a controversial topic. Sexual energy is too intense for the unborn child. Once the pregnant mother is about four months into her pregnancy, intercourse should stop. Let her pray and be one with the growing child within her.

Q: Does this mean that intimacy, affection, and touching stop?

A: No, not at all. In fact, it is very important that mom and dad are very affectionate with one another. The parents’ love is the most important thing a baby experiences in the womb. It can overcome the negative effects of many stresses and traumas.

Source: 3HO